It seems like only yesterday when we were taking a look at the Midiland S4 7100 speakers. Three months after the S4 7100's were announced, the S4 8200's were introduced, and now, they are shipping. These new gems are an 8-piece system, which include a Dolby Digital Decoder, 5 satellites, 1 sub, and a remote control. The system is finished in a slick, metallic colour, which is quite different from the standard black/PC grey that we are used to.

DVD and PC have experienced a phenomenal growth over the past two years. With 5.1 channel sounds cards on the way into the mainstream market, things are changing for the audio side of the PC industry, and at an incredible rate. Along with this change has come the increase in demand for power and quality from computer speakers. Think back to when you could be content with a $30 set of LabTec speakers. Not any more -- gaming, MP3's, and DVD are changing all that. Now, when you go PC speaker shopping, you're lucky to get out of the store without spending US$70 minimum, and that's for a 3-channel system. This is not to say that the current price of speakers is unreasonable, but we are in a new era where high-wattage speakers with wall-shattering subs are becoming the norm.

MidiLand is based out of Pomona, California. In 1990, they moved to San Dimas, California, incorporated the company, and became Midiland Inc. Today MidiLand has offices in the New Jersy, Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan. MidiLand has received many awards in the computer speaker industry, they are definitely one of the big players in this ever-changing market.

System Features

  • 8-piece, 200W Speaker System
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Multi-channel Set-up
  • Full-featured, Infrared Remote Control
  • Dolby Digital® (AC-3) decoding with included ADS-2000
  • Convenient Mounting Options
  • Premium home theater cables and wires
  • 100% Magnetic Shielding
  • Supports DVD players, PC systems and Games consoles


    RMS Power: Total 200W
    Satellite 20W + 20W + 20W + 20W + 20W
    Subwoofer 100W
    Frequency Response:

    70Hz - 20kHz+3dB Satellites
    40Hz - 500Hz+3dB Subwoofer
    200Hz Crossover

    Drivers: 3" Full range satellite speakers
    6.5" Long excursion subwoofer
    Power Supply:AC adapter
    S/N Ratio: 92dB+3dB Satellites
    105dB+3dB Subwoofer
    Function Controls: Subwoofer-Power, volume, bass, LED power indicator
    Audio Digital Station (ADS-2000)-Power, test, mute, mode, enter
    Full-functional remote control
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.61" x 4.72" x 4.53" Satellites
    11.30" x 13.23" x 10.16" Subwoofer
    7.10" x 2.40" x 5.30" ADS-2000
  • Dolby Digital & ADS 2000
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