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The software bundle comes on a PC CD-ROM included with the CABO.  The software consists of the CABO Desk Utility, Jet-Audio, and Zlurp!  The CABO Desk program allows you to download MP3 files from your computer to the CABO.  However, uploading from the CABO to a PC is prevented in an effort to discourage MP3 piracy.  The Jet-Audio program is a fully featured integrated multimedia player and editor that allows you to play and edit a variety of audio formats.  The program itself, when run, resembles a shelf-audio system with gold-trim.  You can make you own bitmap for Jet-Audio with an included UIBMaker (User Interface Bitmap).  In addition to the previous two programs, the CABO comes with a trial version of Zlurp!, which is a CD-ripper used to convert CD audio tracks into MP3 files.

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