Specifications of the Best Data CABO MP3 Player (courtesy Best Data)

Memory Capacity

Built-in 64MB memory (expandable to 96MB) –

Memory Slot

SmartMedia Card slot (16MB / 32MB)

Voice Recording

ADPCM format (32MB stores 2 hrs recording)

Telephone Directory

Stores up to 250 telephone numbers

LCD Display

Indicates song title, artist and playing time of each MP3 track as well as battery, preset, and function key status

File Transmission

Up to 13Mbps

Signal to Noise Ratio


Ear Phone Output

5mW x 2

Output Frequency Range

20Hz ~ 20 kHz


3 V


Two AAA size general/ rechargeable


66mm x 90mm x 10 mm (W x HG x D)


74g (without battery and belt clip)

CD Programs

CABO Desk file management software


Jet Audio Life integrated multimedia player for MP3

ZLURP! MP3 Creator/CD Ripper – Trial Edition


The CABO comes with 64MB of built-in memory which is expandable to 96MB with an additional SmartMedia RAM card.  SmartMedia memory cards are quite small and thin and offer flexibility when it comes to usage with other computer peripherals including digital cameras.  Having 64MB of memory sets this player apart from most since players such as the Pine D’Music player, which comes with only 32MB of onboard memory.  Having the 64MB of onboard memory simply offers more storage space for more music.  This amount of storage space allows you to hold approximately 64 minutes of music at a bitrate level of 128kbps.   However, more music can be stored at lower bitrates though the tradeoff is a decrease in sound quality.

A nifty feature that the CABO offers is a voice-recording feature. Up to 32MB of voice recording can be stored on the CABO which equates to approximately two hours.  A feature of the voice-recording capability of the CABO is that the repeat button of the CABO allows you to replay a desired moment of audio playback.  However, the more voice recordings you make, the less RAM you have for songs.

Another feature that may attract people to the CABO is the built-in telephone directory that can hold up to 250 phone numbers and names.  For people who may use the CABO very frequently, this can be a very helpful feature but for the average user, it is of little value.

Like other MP3 players, the CABO comes with a digital signal processing (DSP) that offers three equalizer presets: pop, rock, and classic.  Each preset differs in bass and treble levels. 

Though the LCD display of the CABO appears to be quite small, it displays a plethora of information.  When playing MP3s, the LCD screen displays the volume level, battery life, the name and artist of the song being played which the CABO acquires through reading the ID3 tag attached to each MP3, and the bitrate.  In addition, it is readable from a variety of angles but it is not backlit, which can make it hard to see in the dark.

The CABO utilizes two AAA batteries indicating that it requires more voltage but not necessarily more power when compared to other MP3 players such as the Rio500, which runs on only one 1.5V AAA battery.

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