09:06AM EDT - A rush to start - Panasonic want to talk Smart Cities today

09:07AM EDT - 'A smart town is a joint project between public and private sectors'

09:07AM EDT - Fujisawa as a blueprint

09:07AM EDT - Panasonic is involved not only in Japan

09:08AM EDT - Video on the screen

09:08AM EDT - 'Ecofriendly'

09:09AM EDT - Denver 'City Now' in the US is part of a larger innovative which Panasonic is a part of

09:09AM EDT - Panasonic provides smart heat pumps with EDF in Lyon

09:10AM EDT - Tsunishima is another target with strong 2018 targets

09:11AM EDT - Including hydrogen power and a 'hydrogen society'

09:11AM EDT - using Panasonic's key technical expertise

09:12AM EDT - Even Denver Airport, with traffic managing for throughput and health as well as power generation

09:12AM EDT - They key point is that 'A Smart City is a a collaborative approach'

09:13AM EDT - Unveiling a new project as a major partner

09:14AM EDT - a video

09:14AM EDT - like the last one, it's being narrated by someone with no change in tempo or voice cadence and a fair amount of buzzwords

09:15AM EDT - 'Future Living Berlin'

09:15AM EDT - 'We as Panasonic offer smart solutions, from the home to the city'

09:16AM EDT - 'Building the homes of tomorrow'

09:17AM EDT - 'multi-generational concepts'

09:17AM EDT - what does that exactly mean? it keeps being repeated

09:18AM EDT - Experts on stage talking about 'future smart living'

09:19AM EDT - The experts are meant to be answering questions, they're reading from a teleprompter

09:19AM EDT - 'smart home technology will help with assisted living for an aging generation'

09:20AM EDT - The speakers are blatantly answering the questions by reading from the teleprompter at the back

09:21AM EDT - 'We gain experience with every project we do and that helps the people living in our future home designs'

09:22AM EDT - Security in cooperation with Allianz with the Berlin project

09:24AM EDT - 'our smart homes must be energy sustainable in the long term, and invest in photo-voltaic and battery technologies'

09:24AM EDT - 'It has to be affordable as well'

09:25AM EDT - Consumer technology is also involving, such as the 'one screen to control everything'

09:26AM EDT - Panasonic has a transparent OLED display which is a window/TV

09:27AM EDT - Some info about home applicances

09:28AM EDT - 'Create interconnected products that fit into your life and actually useful'

09:28AM EDT - All in one concept device: It washes, dries, folds and stores clothes in a single solution

09:29AM EDT - Next year, an automated folding bot called Laundroid

09:30AM EDT - Using AI and image processing to fold is quite interesting

09:31AM EDT - New Panasonic Experience Fresh range of products with a focus on fresh food storage and preparation

09:32AM EDT - 'Inspired by Japanese technology and premium culture'

09:34AM EDT - Fashion product updates, and the only female so far this presentation comes on stage to pick them up and take them off stage

09:35AM EDT - Now 4K

09:36AM EDT - HC-X1 new 4K video camera, 60 fps, 1-inch sensor, wide 24mm lens with x20 optical

09:36AM EDT - Leica lens tie in

09:37AM EDT - New autofocus algorithms for fast moving events

09:37AM EDT - Available from December

09:38AM EDT - New 4K/UHD Blu-ray player for European market - the UB700. Will be UHD Certified and support Rec. 2020

09:38AM EDT - Integrated co-processor translates 4:2:0 to 4:4:4

09:39AM EDT - Now TVs

09:39AM EDT - DX900 has been out a few months, with 4K Pro HDR and UHD Certified

09:42AM EDT - Promoting prowess over Plasma, LCD and OLED

09:43AM EDT - 'We want to improve OLED with better black reprodiction'

09:44AM EDT - 'We will strengthen our LUTs to get better black performance from the panel'

09:44AM EDT - Panasonic is fully committed to 4K HDR, from recording to playing

09:45AM EDT - New technical collaboration with Berliner Philharmoniker to update its digital concert hall

09:51AM EDT - Extend to Panasonic's brand, Technics

09:52AM EDT - Now Panasonic in cars

09:52AM EDT - Working with Panasonics car systems to tune for classical music

09:53AM EDT - That's a wrap

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  • romrunning - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    I really wish Panasonic would start selling their OLEDs in the USA. I don't care if they source all of their panels from LG; any competition, even if they're using the same panels, will help to refine the tech & hopefully lower pricing as well.
  • kluj - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    Panasonic really shouldn't open with their big go-nowhere novelty units. They make some impressive niche products I'd be shocked if executives were even aware of.
  • Shadowmaster625 - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    I finally learned to scroll to the bottom in order to read this in the correct order, and it starts at the top. Arrggh.
  • boeush - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    'We want to improve OLED with better black reprodiction'

    Sorry, I'm sure it makes sense somehow, but it just makes me laugh. Black on an OLED screen is just turning off the pixel. Can't make it any blacker - except maybe by turning off more pixels? :-)
  • hawtdawg - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    Near blacks are a problem spot for OLED. uniformity is generally not great and there can be banding and black crush. This is an area where plasma still reigns supreme.
  • Tams80 - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    The slide says "black graduation", so I guess that's what they meant. "Blacks" is often used to refer to 'black graduation/greyscale'. As hawtdawg mentioned, OLEDs are fantastic at actual black (the reflection of no colour at all), but aren't great at graduation.

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