04:07AM EDT - Ian here, it's already started!

04:07AM EDT - Pawbo+ being shown

04:07AM EDT - Remote monitoring device with audio and video for pets left at home

04:07AM EDT - new updates

04:08AM EDT - can access through smartphone app, up to 8 users per camera

04:08AM EDT - 'A conferencing device with your pet'

04:08AM EDT - Using IoT to interact with accessories

04:09AM EDT - Pawbo Flash: see your pets in the dark

04:09AM EDT - All these devices connect though a hub, and all social media connected as well to share

04:10AM EDT - Pawbo Munch, a feeder

04:10AM EDT - Pawbo Catch and Pawbo Munch, toys that can be controlled remotely

04:10AM EDT - Preorders from 9/1

04:10AM EDT - Acer bringing IoT into the pet industry

04:11AM EDT - Now sports

04:11AM EDT - Xplova X5 cycling computer

04:12AM EDT - Programmable with new accessories: heart rate monitor, sensor, so it starts recording above a heartrate or offers advice for training

04:13AM EDT - Taiwan at the minute, 12 country roll out soon

04:13AM EDT - Now Elder Care, joint venture with grandPad

04:13AM EDT - All about communications and networking for this age range

04:13AM EDT - One problem is the technology barrier

04:14AM EDT - Paired with Comfort Keeper, an Elder Care firm

04:15AM EDT - 'We love the toys from Acer'

04:15AM EDT - 'We want people to age gracefully and keep their network'

04:16AM EDT - Comfort Keeper cares for 27k seniors in US every day, 35k worldwide

04:18AM EDT - The Acer/grandPad combo is used by Comfort Keeper to help the elders reconnect with the world

04:19AM EDT - grandPad coming to Europe, Switzerland first

04:19AM EDT - More countries over time

04:19AM EDT - Now for Computing, the core business of Acer

04:20AM EDT - 'We pay lots of attention in this area'

04:21AM EDT - So now announcements

04:21AM EDT - Or recap of old

04:21AM EDT - Switch Alpha 12

04:22AM EDT - That's a lot of 2-in-1 revenue

04:22AM EDT - 'User reviews are showing great acceptance'

04:23AM EDT - Apparently Ultra-Slim is a bright spot

04:23AM EDT - Acer Aspire S 13 released 6mo ago

04:24AM EDT - Announcing Acer Swift

04:24AM EDT - Press release out in a few minutes...

04:25AM EDT - 17.9mm, 1.58 kg, 14hr, 14-inch

04:25AM EDT - Swift 3, is thinner and moves up to a Full HD display

04:26AM EDT - Now Swift 5

04:26AM EDT - A 14-inch display in a 13.3-inch chassis

04:26AM EDT - fingerprint reader in the touchpad

04:27AM EDT - Now Swift 7

04:27AM EDT - 9.98mm

04:27AM EDT - Kaby Lake 7th Gen CPUs

04:28AM EDT - Two Type-C ports on the side

04:30AM EDT - Gorilla Glass

04:30AM EDT - Gorilla Glass

04:31AM EDT - Chris Walker from Intel on stage, VP of Client Computing Group

04:32AM EDT - I tell you what, the dual Type-C is interesting, and the design of the Swift 7 looks neat, but the Swift 5 better for usability?

04:32AM EDT - Someone forgot the capital letters in this Intel slide

04:33AM EDT - 'Game with Overwatch on new Intel Core 7th Gen in HD'

04:34AM EDT - Now the Spin 7

04:34AM EDT - a full 360 rotating notebook with 7th Gen and a 14-inch Full HD display in a 13 chassis

04:35AM EDT - Swift and Spin families start from $299

04:37AM EDT - Now Microsoft video, doing the corporate thing of describing what we've seen and the benefits of synergy

04:38AM EDT - Now Predator

04:38AM EDT - THey say gaming, the video has lots of DJ and clubbing

04:39AM EDT - It's all in the marketing

04:41AM EDT - Most Acer #1 and #2 markets are non-America, it's worth noting

04:41AM EDT - Now monitors with eye tracking from tobii

04:41AM EDT - Talking about eye tracking - I've used it on an MSI laptop.

04:42AM EDT - Acer says it pushes immersion. Personally I didn't feel it. It was more gimmicky

04:42AM EDT - Eye tracking to help with natural targeting in games

04:43AM EDT - 'When your gaze hits the edge of the screen, the scene will scroll'

04:43AM EDT - I'd say that that doubles eye strain. Having to move to the side and back to the center to stop scrolling

04:44AM EDT - This is interesting - dynamic lighting based on eye tracking as you adjust from light to dark areas

04:45AM EDT - VIdeo showing the tech, but not someone actually at a monitor playing

04:45AM EDT - Tobii works with Windows Hello

04:45AM EDT - Devices upgraded with NVIDIA 10-series

04:46AM EDT - Now the Predator 21 X notebook

04:46AM EDT - a curved display laptop

04:47AM EDT - A desktop replacement

04:48AM EDT - Core i7, two GTX 1080s

04:48AM EDT - 5 fans in the thermal system

04:48AM EDT - overclocked...!

04:48AM EDT - Three fans are patented, can see one of them work while you game

04:49AM EDT - Side module for numberpad or trackpad

04:49AM EDT - Top panel can be removed with one screw for upgrades

04:49AM EDT - Pre-orders in Q4

04:49AM EDT - No pricing, expect north of $4000 ?

04:50AM EDT - They just closed the notebook, the curve has a significant gap between monitor and keyboard

04:50AM EDT - It's not got another closed panel or anything...

04:51AM EDT - Now with Starbreeze, talking VR

04:52AM EDT - 'The real challenge is building hardware'

04:53AM EDT - 'content is king'

04:53AM EDT - Star VR

04:54AM EDT - 5k resolution in a headset

04:54AM EDT - 210 degree vision

04:54AM EDT - 'we want to create the matrix experience'

04:55AM EDT - Now Shipping...!

04:56AM EDT - IMAX is here

04:56AM EDT - My laptop networking has practically died

04:56AM EDT - 'content is king'

04:57AM EDT - Now IMAX VR

04:57AM EDT - working with Acer and Starbreeze

04:59AM EDT - The power of IMAX is technology and distribution

05:01AM EDT - 'So why VR?'

05:02AM EDT - IMAX is partnering with Google for 360-degree cinema grade cameras, JJ Abrams already on board

05:02AM EDT - In discussions with every major US and most China studios about VR content

05:02AM EDT - IMAX's distribution vision is location based in cinema like environments

05:03AM EDT - People leave the sofa for IMAX films, they'll do the same for VR films and experiences with high quality environments

05:04AM EDT - The problem there is that VR can be companion based, and can be hardware expensive per location

05:04AM EDT - First VR centers in LA in Q4, Pilot center in London, Shanghai and New York

05:05AM EDT - The Star VR headset seems key to this

05:05AM EDT - 'Make sure next time you watch a movie, you walk into the movie'

05:06AM EDT - That's a wrap

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  • Rictorhell - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    I've been using the Acer w700 since January of 2013 and it has held up very well. It would be interesting to see an updated version with longer battery life and more robust wi-fi speed and range.
  • NAN5 - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    The host is Asian Chris Evans. Shouty shouting!
  • HollyDOL - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    pawbo... wonder if my cat would dismatle that in less than 30 minutes... wouldn't be exactly the first pet accessory with such a fate.
  • Gunbuster - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    I'm fairly confident the venn diagram of adult gamers with $4000 for that bonkers curved screen laptop and people who want a light up Preadator logo slathered on their device shows very little overlap. But hey keep burning that cash and complaining about Microsoft there Acer...
  • Ian Cutress - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    It's a gaming event device to showcase. They might sell 50 units worldwide, but pushing the tech boundaries in a showcase or otherwise is fun to see. Car companies to it all the time without putting it into production, and no-one seems to mind them. For whatever reason, the first two questions people ask at a tech show is 'how much and when?'.
  • HollyDOL - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    that's quite similar to super-sport cars, esp. limited editions... usually close to or already sold out when the prototype is presented.
  • alsonot - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - link

    Great coverage! I was really hoping to get Kaby Lake combined with a bit more square screen and their Ezel hinge. I hope that hinge survives, it's one of the best I've used.
  • zodiacfml - Thursday, September 1, 2016 - link

    Yawn. In fairness to Acer, they are one of the first, if not only, that I am aware of to release the latest connectivity on a laptop such as MU-MIMO and 802.11 ad. Sadly, MU-MIMO and adds little benefit and works at ideal conditions.
  • davidroberts - Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - link

    "Content is king", I agree with it. Today, people use fresh contents for promoting their business.

    Website: https://www.essayschief.com

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