AnandTech Storage Bench - The Destroyer

The Destroyer has been an essential part of our SSD test suite for nearly two years now. It was crafted to provide a benchmark for very IO intensive workloads, which is where you most often notice the difference between drives. It's not necessarily the most relevant test to an average user, but for anyone with a heavier IO workload The Destroyer should do a good job at characterizing performance. For full details of this test, please refer to this article.

AnandTech Storage Bench - The Destroyer (Data Rate)

The 2TB Pro appears to be marginally slower than the 1TB model, but honestly we are talking about a ~5% difference. As I mentioned on the previous page, managing more NAND requires more controller resources and since the MHX is fundamentally an MEX with a beefier DRAM controller, a tiny performance hit is normal and despite that the 2TB Pro and EVO are still the fastest SATA drives on the market.

AnandTech Storage Bench - The Destroyer (Latency)

AnandTech Storage Bench - The Destroyer (Latency)

There's an increase in >10ms IOs, which I suspect is again due to the higher performance variation caused by the additional management resources required by the extra NAND.

AnandTech Storage Bench - The Destroyer (Latency)

The 2TB Pro turns out to have better power efficiency than its 512GB sibling. Normally smaller drives are more efficient due to having less NAND drawing power, but it may very well be that Samsung has moved to a more power efficient process node for the MHX controller, which would explain the lower power consumption.

AnandTech Storage Bench - The Destroyer (Power)

Performance Consistency AnandTech Storage Bench - Heavy
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  • SviatA - Friday, August 21, 2015 - link

    As I see it, Samsung is pushing really hard to win over the whole market. The 850 Evo line is a substantial step forward. I really like the way PC starts working with an SSD rather than with HDD.
    I've bought one here
    But you may find even a better offer on eBay, I think. Anyway, even for 85 euro this is a great purchase.
  • htwingnut - Saturday, September 19, 2015 - link

    Can someone please explain the "Performance Consistenty" charts and how to read them? They change every time I switch the default and 25% OP even with the same drives... confusing.
  • - Thursday, October 15, 2015 - link

    I purchased the Samsung SSD 850 Pro to install in my new Windows 10 computer. I can't clone Windows 10 or anything to this drive. I've talked to Samsung for over 7 weeks and keep getting a new date for the release of their cloning software. I've tried 2 different cloning software and they don't work with this drive. Until Samsung updates the software for Windows 10 DON'T BUY.
  • Miller1331 - Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - link

    Using 2 of these in a music production rig and they are monsters
  • Meteor2 - Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - link

    I don't think this reviews specifies what interface the 850 Pro uses anywhere.
  • Meteor2 - Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - link

    ...until the last page. Would've thought it page 1 material, myself.

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