ThreadRipper 1920

Three leading makers of motherboards on Friday disclosed specifications of yet-unannounced AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920 processor. The chip has 12 cores, works at slightly lower frequencies than the model 1920X, but also comes with a lower TDP. Unfortunately, it is unknown when the product is set to become available. So far AMD has publicly introduced three microprocessors in its family of CPUs for super high-end desktops/workstations: the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16 cores, 3.4 GHz), the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X (12 cores, 3.5 GHz), and the Ryzen Threadripper 1900X (8 cores, 3.8 GHz base). AMD has never made any announcements regarding any other members in the Ryzen Threadripper family, or if three would be the limit - and it appears there is at least one more incoming...

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