Snapdragon X Elite

Last week we saw the announcement of Qualcomm’s first post-Nuvia laptop SoC design, the Snapdragon X Elite. A new brand name being anchored by a new, custom Qualcomm CPU core, the Snapdragon X Elite will be Qualcomm’s most aggressive entry into the laptop SoC market to date, with Qualcomm dedicating far more in the way of engineering resources – and marketing resources – into developing their latest generation Arm SoC for Windows laptops. Backed by Qualcomm’s custom Arm CPU core, Oryon, the company is aiming to make the Snapdragon X Elite a watershed moment for the Snapdragon brand, both carving out a piece of the lucrative Windows laptop market while also setting the stage for a generation of even more powerful smartphone SoCs in...

Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit Live Blog: Compute Spotlight

We're here in sunny Hawaii for day two of Qualcomm's annual Snapdragon Summit. Yesterday, of course, was the company's prime keynote, where they announced their forthcoming Snapdragon X Elite SoC...

8 by Ryan Smith on 10/25/2023

Qualcomm Previews Snapdragon X Elite SoC: Oryon CPU Starts in Laptops

While Qualcomm has become wildly successful in the Arm SoC market for Android smartphones, their efforts to parlay that into success in other markets has eluded them so far...

84 by Ryan Smith on 10/24/2023

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