Cryorig has announced its new cylindrical PC chassis, which enables system makers and enthusiasts to build Mac Pro-styled gaming computers. The new case can house one graphics card and a mini-ITX motherboard. While the chassis can formally support a variety of components, actual capabilities of such PCs will be limited by PSUs and cooling. The Ola PC case will only hit the market in 2017. In addition, Cryorig announced its ultra-slim desktop chassis called Taku. Ola: Designed for Gamers, Inspired by Mac Pro The Cryorig Ola PC chassis can house an SFX power supply unit, a motherboard in mini-ITX form-factor, a typical full-height high-end graphics card (up to 280 mm in length), one 3.5” HDD as well as one or two 2.5” storage devices. The chassis...

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