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Mobile digital TV has been a popular technology in parts of Asia for some time, with incredible adoption by mobile customers eagerly devouring hours and hours of video without ever pegging their data plans. The standard for mobile digital television in the US hasn’t been nearly as well adopted. The ATSC standard adopted for today’s HDTV broadcasts is ill suited to mobile applications as it was designed with specialized fixed location antenna in mind. The alternative standard (ATSC M/H) was developed to exist in a subset of the ATSC capacity, with transmission technology that is capable of being received by mobile handsets, even in motion. DyleTV on the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G DyleTV is the marketing arm of the Mobile Content Venture (MCV...

Belkin Brings Home Automation, TV and Thunderbolt Solutions to CES

Belkin's product portfolio stretches across a huge range from A/V and networking solutions to iPod and Kindle cases. Their CES both focused primarily on their home electronics products with...

4 by Jason Inofuentes on 1/12/2012

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