Qualcomm’s already made waves here at CEs with their announcement of the new Snapdragon line-up, and to emphasize the point that Snapdragon 800 is more than just Krait 400, they’ve got several demonstrations set-up at their booth. We got a chance to step into their Snapdragon Theater to see what the new SoC brings to media playback. We ran through several demos, but the key message was this: Snapdragon 800 is prepared for future technologies. Previewing 1080p content with 7.1 Surround Sound output over HDMI was smooth and compelling. Playback of 4k content, was equally impressive. But the real surprise was a collaboration with DTS, for something they’re calling Headphone:X. An audio demonstration is played out of each speaker in the 7.1 set-up...

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