While NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference has been extensively dialed back and the bulk of NVIDIA’s announcements tabled for another day, as it turns out, the company still has an announcement up their sleeve this week. And a gaming-related announcement, no less. This morning NVIDIA is finally taking the wraps off of their DLSS 2.0 technology, which the company is shipping as a major update to their earlier AI-upscaling tech. Responding to both competitive pressure and the realization of their own technology limitations, the latest iteration of NVIDIA’s upscaling technology is a rather significant overhaul of the technique. While NVIDIA is still doing AI upscaling at a basic level, DLSS 2.0 is no longer a pure upscaler; NVIDIA is now essentially combining it with temporal...

NVIDIA Teases GeForce RTX 2080 Performance Numbers, Announces Ansel RTX

Concluding their Gamescom festivities for their newly-introduced GeForce RTX 20-series, NVIDIA has revealed a bit more about the hardware, its features, and its expected performance this evening. Tonight NVIDIA...

93 by Nate Oh on 8/22/2018

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