MediaTek this week has introduced a new lineup of Dimensity Auto Cockpit system-on-chips, covering the entire market spectrum from entry-level to premium. And while automotive chip announcements are admittedly not normally the most interesting of things, this one is going to be an exception to that rule because of whose graphics IP MediaTek is tapping for the chips: NVIDIA's. This means the upcoming Dimensity Auto Cockpit chips will be the first chips to be released by a third-party (non-NVIDIA) vendor to be based around NVIDIA's GeForce graphics technology. NVIDIA's first attempt to license its GPU IP to third parties dates back to the year 2013, when the company proposed to license its Kepler GPU IP and thus rival Arm and Imagination Technologies. An effort that...

NVIDIA Blackwell Architecture and B200/B100 Accelerators Announced: Going Bigger With Smaller Data

Already solidly in the driver’s seat of the generative AI accelerator market at this time, NVIDIA has long made it clear that the company isn’t about to slow down...

50 by Ryan Smith on 3/18/2024

The NVIDIA GTC 2024 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 1:00pm PT/20:00 UTC)

We're here in sunny San Jose California for the return of an event that's been a long-time coming: NVIDIA's in-person GTC. The Spring 2024 event, NVIDIA's marquee event for...

12 by Ryan Smith & Gavin Bonshor on 3/18/2024

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