Today ARM announces a new POP IP offering directed at UMC's new 28HPCU manufacturing process. To date we haven't had the opportunity to properly explain what ARM's POP IP actually is and how it enables vendors to achieve better implementation of ARM's IP offerings. While for today's pipeline announcement we'll be just explaining the basics, we're looking forward to a more in-depth article in the following months as to how vendors take various IPs through the different stages of development. When we talk about a vendor licensing an ARM IP (CPU for example), this generally means that they are taking the RTL (Register Transfer Level) design of an IP. The RTL is just a logical representation of the functioning of a block, and to...

MediaTek announces Helio P10 Mainstream SoC

MediaTek started promoting its new Helio branding for SoCs back at MWC this year, and we had the please to cover the the new Helio X20 announcement just a...

9 by Andrei Frumusanu on 6/1/2015

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