Samsung Foundry on Wednesday revealed that it has started mass production of SoC products using its second generation 10 nm Low Power Plus (10LPP) fabrication technology. The new manufacturing process will enable developers of chips to reduce power consumption or increase performance of their products compared to the first-gen 10 nm tech (10LPE). Like previous node updates from Samsung, the new 10LPP fabrication process promises a range of improvements depending on what a customer is looking for. On the performance front the process is said to offer 10% higher performance at the same complexity and power, or alternatively, customers can design for an up to 15% reduction in power consumption at the same frequency and complexity. Samsung Foundry does not disclose how it managed to...

Samsung Foundry Announces 10nm SoC In Mass-Production

Today Samsung announced mass production of a SoC built on its third-generation 10nm "10LPE" manufacturing node. It was only this January that Samsung announced mass production of its 14LPP...

92 by Andrei Frumusanu on 10/17/2016

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