Altec's most recent offering in its line of stackable surround solutions is the ADA890. Like its predecessors, it comes with rear surround speakers that can either be placed in dedicated cradles behind the listener, or the rear sats can be stacked on top of the front pedestals, allowing the system to offer both 4.1 and 2.1 format options.

The ADA890 also carries the THX multimedia certification seen in a predecessor unit, the ADA885. Though many write this certification off to marketing hype, it is important to consider that it does come from somewhere. At the least, there are some documented technical standards behind the name, which carry over between manufacturers that have achieved this certification. More can be learned about the standard from the THX webstie,

The unit consists of a subwoofer, two front satellites on integrated pedestals, and then two rear satellites on detachable cradles. The front right pedestal contains the control module for the system; this can not be moved to the other side. For inputs, the system offers four channels of analog input (front and rear stereo), and a coaxial digital input. For optical digital sources, Altec offers the OC1 adaptor to convert to a coaxial input.

Here's what Altec says about their system. In addition to the standard specifications, there's some extra information here provided by Altec to help our readers make an informed decision, in bold:

System Response 27Hz - 20kHz, -10dB; 50Hz-16kHz +/-2dB
Total Audio Output 120 Watts RMS(103 dB SPL@ Listening Position)
Total Impedance >10k Ohms
Analog Input Sensitivity 300 mV for full output
Digital Input S/PDIF*
Drivers Drivers Four 3" Full Range
Two 1" Tweaters
Power 60 Watts (15 watts per satellite) at 0.3%THD
Signal-to-noise Ratio >70dB
Driver One 8" dual voice coil
Power 60 Watts at 10%THD
Crossover Frequency 150Hz
Signal-to-noise Ratio >70dB
USA/Canada 120v/60Hz/360W
Europe/UK/various Asian Countires 230v/50Hz
UL/cUL/CE Approved
Subwoofer 365mm Wide x 260mm Deep x 290mm High
Main Speaker 137mm Wide x 110mm Deep x 162mm High
Surrounds 110mm Wide x 104mm Deep x 117 mm High
* Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format


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  • warpuck - Monday, February 27, 2012 - link

    Currently in use as sound provider for my 32" LCD TV/computer monitor. I had to purchase an optical to SPDIF converter. I dont see any reason to replace it with a 5.1/7.1 system.

    A close current replacement is this:
    Definitive Technology ProCinema 60 5.1CH Home Audio Speaker System.

    Yes the remote still works too.
  • STaTTiKK - Sunday, May 13, 2012 - link

    Hell yeah man, I still got mine too. I just talked to radio shack today about the spdif opticalconverter and they have one for I think 29 bucks. .l great speakers man, still have mine, plus a center channel plus a second sub and 4 jvc speakers in the back. :) Reply

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