Logitech Wingman Formula Force

Game Bundle
The Wingman comes with Gremlin Interactive's Motorhead, and UBIsoft's F1 Racing Simulation. It also includes a light version of I-Force studio, which allows you to customize the Force effects. You just can't save them to a profile, like you can with the full version.

The software on this unit was as easy to set up as the others: run the setup program, reboot, play with the sample force effects. Piece of cake. The clamps on this wheel are a bit archaic, two c-type pincer clamps with rubber nubs on the ends to protect the underside of your desk and keep the wheel from sliding around. Adequate, but no break-through technology here. However, the fact that it can connect via the USB port or a serial port is a little more up-to-date than the futuristic-looking SideWinder. The only drawback of the serial port connection is that you must set aside a COM port and an IRQ. If you have a serial mouse and modem, you might have to opt for the USB connection. Additionally, we didn't notice much difference in performance between the two.

The Wingman Formula Force is a slightly larger unit than the SideWinder, and the steering wheel doesn't fit the hands quite as well, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Wingman looks and feels more like a real steering wheel: All black except for the bright red rubber wheel. Four easily accessible metallic silver buttons, and paddle shifters that look like they were lifted from an F355 F1. All in all a very nice looking, ergonomically sound unit. The shifters aren't as conveniently placed as the ones on the Microsoft SideWinder, but again, what the Wingman lacks in precision it makes up for in realism. The motion is smooth-as-silk, as is the Force resistance, the nicest feeling of the group. The foot pedals are clean looking, heavier than the Microsoft ones, and press down rather than forward. A little real but a lot more practical in this case. The only problem with them is that there is almost no pedal resistance, and very little throw to them. You have to be pretty careful of your foot position to apply and maintain the correct amount of throttle or brake pressure. There is even a great footpad on the left side to further help in keeping the pedals in the right spot.

Force Feedback
The Wingman has the smoothest, nicest feeling Force effects of any of the units that we tested. That not only makes a difference in the realism of the game, but can even help you play better (no, really!). You can actually get a better 'road feel' from the Wingman, and any driving enthusiast will tell you the importance of being able to feel the road. The effects are subtle when you sideslip across a lane of highway, and shake your desk when you roll over. It is also very customizable, with some great sample effects to help you test out your settings.

The Logitech Wingman Formula Force checks in at $179.95 (MSRP). That's a pretty strong price tag, but the Wingman is a pretty strong product.

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