Intel Demonstrates Direct3D 12 Performance and Power Improvements

Since the introduction of Direct3D 12 and other low-level graphics APIs, the bulk of our focus has been on the high end. One of the most immediate benefits to...

42 by Stephen Barrett & Ryan Smith on 8/15/2014

Browser Face-Off: Battery Life Explored 2014

It has been five years since we did a benchmark of the various web browsers and their effect on battery life, and a lot has changed. Our testing then...

112 by Stephen Barrett on 8/12/2014

AMD’s Big Bet on ARM Powered Servers: Opteron A1100 Revealed

It has been a full seven months since AMD released detailed information about its Opteron A1100 server CPU, and twenty two months since announcement. Today, at the Hot Chips...

28 by Stephen Barrett on 8/11/2014

Tegra K1 Lands in Acer's Newest Chromebook

Today Acer announced four new models of a new 13.3" Chromebook design featuring Tegra K1. This is a significant launch for NVIDIA, proving there's industry interest in Tegra K1...

24 by Stephen Barrett on 8/11/2014

Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 8.1 Update Developer Preview

At roughly noon, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore (Vice President for Windows Phone) announced via Twitter that users enrolled in the developer preview should check for updates. Microsoft released the Windows...

11 by Stephen Barrett on 8/5/2014

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