In recent months, screen resolutions have exploded on to the scene when users started wanting something more than a cheap 1080p panel.  Notebooks typically have had higher pixel densities than desktop monitors, and with the recent string of cheaper 1440p and 4K panels to hit the market, it was only a matter of time before one of the notebook manufacturers put together a 4K panel inside a gaming chassis.  The ROG GX500 is ASUS’ answer to such madness.

Aside from the 3840x2160 screen measuring 15.6” (that is 280 PPI), this 2.2kg beast will feature i7 processors along with an NVIDIA GTX860M.  One might argue that this mobile GPU is not powerful enough for 4K/UHD, and I would incline to agree.  To this extent users might dial back settings, or use the system in 4K mode for desktop but 2560x1440 in gaming.

The laptop will be paired with VisualMaster technology for 100% NTSC, which ASUS is reporting as a world-first on a notebook.  The system will measure just 19mm thick, but will use a dual-fan cooling system to manage the heat generation.

No word on pricing as of yet, although I am enquiring regarding sampling in case we can get a review sample. Expected launch is in Q3.

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  • dragonsqrrl - Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - link

    Right, because the only thing people do on laptops marketed for gaming is game, right? If you can't see what the benefits of a higher dpi display might be for general desktop use, then stick with your 2013 Razer Blade, I guess. And if I remember correctly the 2013 Blade had a 1600x900 display, not a 1080p, and a pretty crappy one at that. But judging by how much you like that laptop, it's easy to see why you might not put much of an emphasis on display quality.

    My only concerns for this laptop are the poor support for dpi scaling from Microsoft and the Windows ecosystem, and the likely $2000+ price range. Gaming on this thing should be fantastic. Like I said in a previous comment, you're unlikely to be running games at the native resolution. The sweet spot to me would be 1080p, which should look just as good as a native 1080p display due to the clean quarter res.
  • Hrel - Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - link

    I like that it's thin and light, like Gigabyte or Razr. But I'm willing to pay $0 extra for resolutions beyond 1080p. So hopefully they offer this with a normal panel. As noted in this article, that GPU can't even handle 4K, I very much doubt it can handle 1440p. That's a brand new GPU too. It just doesn't make sense to go beyond 1080p yet, it's neat for early adopters who don't care about taking that financial hit to be early. But until mobile GPU's can handle the latest and greatest, maxed out, with full AA at 1080p I'm not even thinking about going beyond that.
  • Connoisseur - Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - link

    I think you mean that it can't even handle 1440p, much less 4K. 4K res is much higher than 1440p.
  • MDX - Monday, June 16, 2014 - link

    Then this laptop obviously isn't for you. Move along.
  • 227 - Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - link

    I don't understand why people complain about 4k - if you want 1080p screen there are plenty other options, go knock yourself out. Why would you want a 4k screen in this you ask?

    1) Everything looks stunning in Windows & regular use (which arguably is a a certain % of the use time - work/school/browsing/movies -> you know for instance the stuff that you are doing right now :)) - people who say 1080p is plenty enough haven't seen 4k or QHD+ screens. Once you go there, you can't go back
    2) Certain games will play at 4k & others will play incredibly well at resolutions between 1080p and 4k. I have XPS 15 with 750m and can push 60fps on DOTA2 @ 1142 (or something like that) and 30-40fps @native 1800p. And it looks awesome.
    3) If you play something demanding you scale it down to 1080p and it looks just as good as on native 1080p screen.

    I very much appreciate Asus going 4k and for the reasons outlined above I am willing to pay premium for the screen. Some people won't and for those there are other choices. To each its own. But to argue that all gaming laptops who don't have 870m + should stay at 1080p is plain stupid.
  • One blind eye - Thursday, August 28, 2014 - link

    Hey, why complain if you get 5 fps out a 4k gaming laptop, LOL? I have 1080P, but 4k will look nice for NON gaming use. People got it backwards, buy a real gaming laptop. Then, buy a real 4K external monitor. Let the complaining begin...
  • Flying Goat - Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - link

    Hrm...Isn't there an LG GX500 tablet? There are a whole slew of other letters (And numbers, too!) out there to use when naming products. They may not be as cool as G or X, but they're out there if you look hard enough!
  • junky77 - Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - link

    Another $1700-$2000 gaming laptop. $800-$1000 for a display that costs 30-50 more.
  • Connoisseur - Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - link

    I just don't understand the hate. If you want raw power, it's not like these companies STOPPED making the massive DTR boxes. They're still around and as big, ugly and powerful as ever. These are designed with pricier materials, a slim profile and a gorgeous screen for gamers who want to travel. Granted they're obviously not built with $2k worth of parts but they're able to charge a premium since there's clearly a ton of demand for it.
  • MDX - Monday, June 16, 2014 - link

    What he said.

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