For those of you in the market for a new video card, in case April’s round of AMD Radeon price cuts didn’t quite meet your desires, AMD has ordered up another round of price cuts that will be taking effect on Monday.

The Radeon HD 7970, Radeon HD 7950, and Radeon HD 7870 are all getting official price cuts. The 7970 will be dropping from $479 to $429, the 7950 from $399 to $349, and the 7870 from $349 to $299.

Summer 2012 Radeon HD 7000 Series Price Cuts
Card Launch Price Spring MSRP Summer MSRP
Radeon HD 7970 $549 $479 $429
Radeon HD 7950 $449 $399 $349
Radeon HD 7870 $349 $349 $299
Radeon HD 7850 $249 $249 ~$239
Radeon HD 7770 $159 $139 ~$119
Radeon HD 7750 $109 $109 ~$99

With all of that said however, as we’re in the middle of a product cycle with partners shipping custom cards, in practice AMD doesn’t have a great deal of control over final card pricing beyond what they charge partners for parts. So unofficially these prices have been in effect for some time since partners and stores have not been holding to AMD’s MSRPs. Indeed as of Friday evening the cheapest cards on Newegg are already below AMD’s official MSRPs, so today’s announcement mainly serves to bring attention to price movements that have already happened.

Summer 2012 GPU Pricing Comparison
Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition $499 GeForce GTX 680
Radeon HD 7970 $429  
  $399 GeForce GTX 670
Radeon HD 7950 $349  
Radeon HD 7870 $299  
Radeon HD 7850 $239/$249 GeForce GTX 570
  $199 GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  $159 GeForce GTX 560
Radeon HD 7770 $119  
Radeon HD 7750 $99 GeForce GT 640 DDR3

On that note, AMD sends word that their free game promotions will continue to be active for some time, including both the HD 7900 Series Three For Free promotion and their HD 7800/7700 series DiRT Showdown promotion (though Newegg seems to have deactivated it as of this writing).

Finally, we’ve been asking AMD about the status of the new 7970 GHz Edition, which has so far been missing in action. After originally being scheduled to have limited availability in late June with wider availability in early July, the 7970GE has slipped by at least a couple of weeks – an unusual thing to happen to what has otherwise been a punctual AMD. At this time AMD is telling us that most of their partners have decided to launch the 7970GE on their customized premium cards, which has resulted in availability being pushed back. If all goes according to plan, AMD is expecting XFX and Sapphire to have cards available early next week. However prices will bear keeping an eye on since it’s unlikely that partners will stick to the $499 MSRP if they’re using the 7970GE for their premium cards.

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  • SlyNine - Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - link

    Wow. you end that talking about fan boys? You sound like the BIGGEST fanboy out there.
  • CeriseCogburn - Sunday, July 29, 2012 - link

    Yeah, glad your eyes bulged and yet, you had no argument.
    Problem is everything I said is true.
    Amd fanboys just don't do that.
    Sad fact for you and them, all of us, really.
    Also note the fanboys referred to were amd employees, as in formerly.
    That means amd drivers will suck ever more into the future, and that, is, unbelievably, possible, and coming to pass.
  • Filiprino - Sunday, July 15, 2012 - link

    By the time NVIDIA has its full lineup, AMD will be releasing next generation of cards, that might be a small upgrade or add big changes to the design.

    I know for sure that next generation games are being developed with current cards (GTX680, HD7970). A crossfire/sli with 2 or three cards should suffice, but who knows.
  • ForeverAlone - Monday, July 16, 2012 - link

    Price cuts are always welcome.

    But seriously, what is the point of the 7970 GHz edition? A slightly overclocked 7970 with some weird kind of turbo added to it.

    Useless really.
  • Jamahl - Monday, July 16, 2012 - link

    The point was to give AMD the fastest graphics card again? Something that they achieved going by most reviews.
  • CeriseCogburn - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - link

    Nope. No achievement at all - in fact we knew long before it was slower at the same clocks. In fact I've seen no review claiming amd won with gigahertz ed... let alone most.

    Let's have another sorely needed dose of reality.

    There you have it, at over 1 ghz, 7970 is SLOWER than 680 at 1920 1200 and at 2560 1600 by 6% and 4% respectively.

    Like I said, we all knew the answer a long time ago, and amd doesn't get a free pass for the failed effort.

    How about we all embrace the facts for once ?
  • SlyNine - Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - link

    Says nothing about there testing methodology. Which makes all the difference in the world. I love you cherry pick information.

    I could find each cards weakness and expose that in each test to prove whatever side I wanted to be faster. Honestly you have no business talking about facts as all yours are twisted to support your pov.
  • CeriseCogburn - Sunday, July 29, 2012 - link

    You say you could, but you didn't and you won't.
    Amd fanboys cannot tell the truth, because if they knew the truth...

    You just keep telling yourself you could do it. Tell us all. Provide nothing, just say it. I love you amd fans, I really do, you make it so easy for me. I don't believe a word you say, since I have an enormous body of evidence against what you say.

    I'd much prefer you didn't say it, of course, but then, free speech away, Just don't expect anyone who actually knows anything to believe you.
    Also expect I'll provide proof you're wrong, as I did, and very much can again, and again, and again, from multiple sources.

    Your "wishes" do not = reality. Get used to it.
  • CeriseCogburn - Sunday, July 29, 2012 - link

    Once again amd fan cannot READ: Says nothing about there testing methodology.

    Sure it doesn't. Page 2 of the 10 page article.

    What is wrong with you people ? How can I possibly accept anything from you when you cannot even get reading a review correct ? I mean what the heck is wrong with you ? I thought you were a big bad expert...

    I am surrounded by stupidity. Enjoy ccc crashing, especially with amd crap oc'ed
  • JRMartell - Monday, July 30, 2012 - link

    The 7970GE trades blows with the 680 and in some tests even the regular 7970 can outpace the 680. But from the artilce:

    its mostly because of the 12.7 drivers. Does AMD have the single GPU performance crown? Answer: Sometimes.

    For the record, I am not a AMD or nVidia fanboy, my desktop has a 6870 and my laptop has a 560m.

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