If you thought the Xoom name left something to be desired, Verizon's branding of the Xoom 2 line as the Droid Xyboard (pronounced like "cyborg") line isn't going to perk you up. Regardless, in a release today they announced the 8.2" and 10.1" Xyboard variants would be launching alongside a white Droid RAZR variant. Though unconfirmed, it's likely that all three devices are running the same TI OMAP 4430 clocked at 1.2 GHz, each with 1GB of RAM and all promised to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in due time. At present though, buyers will make due with Android 3.2 in the tablets, and Gingerbread in the RAZR. The new tablets owe more than their internals to the RAZR, as the design language closely mirrors that of the phone. 

The Xyboard 8.2 is being targed towards media consumption, with 2.1 surround sound built-in and touting HD Netflix streaming. Each tablet features an IPS 1280x800 display, and are supposed to be significantly thinner than their predecessor. LTE is, of course, offered, and pricing on a two-year contract remains impressively high. But if you hate square corners and are looking for a 4G tablet to sate your LTE-loving heart, the Xyboards will be available sometime this month, with a starting on-contract price of $429 and $529 for the 8.2" and 10.1" tablets, respectively. 


Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • mcnabney - Thursday, December 8, 2011 - link

    Uhm, you do know that the iPad2 3G prices you are comparing that to are on contract as well?
  • steven75 - Thursday, December 8, 2011 - link

    Um, no they aren't. 3G iPads have never had contracts, just pay as you go. They absolutely *destroy* the competition in this area.
  • fic2 - Thursday, December 8, 2011 - link

    Nope. WiFi only iPad2: $499, $599, $699.
    3G+WiFi pricing for iPad2: $629, $729, $829.

    Although I am not sure why anyone would buy a 3G tablet unless they are not around WiFi hotspots much. Then again I would just use a 3G/4G phone instead.
  • FSWKU - Friday, December 9, 2011 - link

    When will Motorola and Verizon learn that the "omfg robotz r kewl" marketing schtick and the overemphasis on specs are the reasons Apple is making a killing in tablet sales? Nobody cares how many cores it has, or if your ad has someone fighting a giant kill-bot, etc. They care about what can the tablet/phone be used for and how can it help you in your daily routine. Specs appeal to the geeks, but that's NOT the majority of the market segment. This sci-fi garbage in the marketing for Android needs to go for it to ever be taken seriously.

    I own an Android phone, absolutely love it, and would never buy an iProduct. But there's a reason they sell well. And that reason is the marketing is effective. Moto and VZW need to start trying to reach people who DON'T live in their parents' basements...

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