In and Around the Acer Ferrari One

As mentioned, the Ferrari One is closely related to the Aspire 1410/1810T, sharing the same basic chassis and nearly identical dimensions. As such, it ends up being pretty familiar in feel, if not in look. The exterior is still glossy plastic and it still isn’t a paragon of industrial design, but in bright red with a Ferrari logo in the middle, you cannot deny that it’s eye-catching. I’d actually argue that compared to the carbon fibre-lidded Acer Ferrari models of years past, the Ferrari One is pretty ostentatious, almost to the point of being garish. However, it’s exactly a third the price of the last Ferrari ultraportable (the gorgeous but flawed and ultimately ill-fated Ferrari 1000 series), so I guess the cost savings had to come from somewhere.

The inside continues the glossy plastic, and shows its roots by following the AS1410’s “faux expensive material” theme. This time, its faux carbon fibre, which isn’t all that bad for a $600 computer, but obviously fake. I’ll take it over the piano black gloss from the Aspire One and the faux-brushed aluminum from the 1410, but I’d definitely prefer the real thing.

The keyboard is identical to the island-style keyboard on the 1410. The accent keys are now red (to keep up the Ferrari theme), and the F10 key has a “Ferrari” function. I thought it’d be something interesting, but it ended up being just a shortcut to the Ferrari website. Thanks guys! I can go to on my own if I ever have the urge. The keyboard is mediocre; it has a lot of flex and feels kind of mushy in fast typing. My personal Aspire 1410 machine has a lot less flex, and a much better feeling keyboard overall. I’m going to put that down to unit-to-unit variation in a large product run, so YMMV as far as keyboard quality goes.

The touchpad is trapezoid shaped; it works as advertised, though the shape takes a bit of getting used to. It's also nowhere near as large as some other touchpads. It has a single touchpad "rocker" button, which is chrome and has the Ferrari One logo embossed in it.

The ports are nearly identical to the 1410, with one major change. We find the same three USB, VGA, headphone out, line in, Ethernet, Kensington lock, 1.3MP webcam, built-in mic, and memory card reader, but the much-loved HDMI port makes way for an XGP connector. A what? XGP is ATI’s external graphics solution, meant to be paired with Acer’s DynaVivid external graphics dock. Unfortunately, the DynaVivid has mostly been vaporware thus far, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. The only other XGP accessory is the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo GraphicBooster, which was never sold in the US and is basically off the European market as of now. This makes the XGP port, for the time being, useless. I’m not sure why Acer decided to dump the über-useful HDMI port for XGP, especially on a notebook with 1080p capabilities; even if the DynaVivid could be found, we're not sure anyone would really want an external HD 4670 GPU for this sort of system, as we'll see later that the CPU is already a pretty serious bottleneck for graphics.

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  • whatthehey - Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - link

    WTF!? Anandtech site: "This comment is apparently spam and we do not allow spam comments." Let's try again... damn site keeps timing out. Did my account get banned??? Or is this yet another bug with the new site?

    Anyway, I'm sick of the AMD apologists. 22% faster with Nile? 38% faster in 3DMark? Who cares? 38% faster than "slow as molasses" isn't fast. Intel's new i3/i5 IGP is over twice as fast as the previous IGP, which makes it about equal to Nile AFAICT. And 4 to 8 hours battery life, depending on if the manufacturer uses a 48Wh or a 95Wh battery, right? Unless that's eight hours surfing the Internet with a 63Wh battery, it's not enough.

    Here's the real problem: everyone asks for a review of AMD's laptops. Finally they post a review, the numbers don't lie, and it's "OMG but the NEXT AMD laptops will be so much better!" The author mentions Bobcat, which is going to be FAR more interesting than Nile (if it can come out in early 2011 and not slip to late 2011). And while AMD may have given out details of the current platform a year ago, most of the laptops didn't show up until late 2009. It's maybe six months late by that metric, but if AMD shipped it to them in late March you should blame them and not Anandtech.

    I had an AMD-based laptop at one point (dual-core Athlon QL-64), and it ran hot and got poor battery life. I read the review of it here and discovered their experience matched mine. It doesn't look like much has changed. They run a bit cooler now and get a bit better battery life, but five hours sitting idle with an 11.6" laptop is pathetic. And the stuff I've seen on the K335 is no better: 5 hours sitting idle.

    As a review of the Ferrari One, this is spot on: overpriced and not worth getting. What's new with Ferrari? They say $450 is where this type of product should sit, and that seems about right to me.
  • BlendMe - Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - link


    Cheap, slow and outdated hardware.

    Not very Ferrari like.
  • rennya - Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - link

    As of 9 June 2010:-

    F1 standing:-

    1 McLaren-Mercedes 172pts
    2 RBR-Renault 171pts
    3 Ferrari 146pts


    I'll say very Ferrari-like.
  • quanta - Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - link

    It's that how Acer treats a supercar brand? When ASUS made Lamborghini notebook, at least the company makes sure it is one of the fastest computers in the class. Speaking of which, the latest ASUS-Lambo VX6 and VX7 had already been announced.[1] Even the old VX-5[2] ran circles around the CURRENT Acer Ferrari One.

    Speaking of mocking Ferrari, it isn't first time Acer to do it either. The Acer TravelMate 8571 and Aspire 8940G already outspecd the Ferrari One. In the case of Travelmate, it is also marketed as Ultraportable like Ferrari. With Acer's marketing, how can Ferrari be taken seriously? Unfortunate for Ferrari, Acer continues the trend with cell phone[3] and LCD monitor[4] (at least Acer no longer sells Ferrari screens now).

  • craigl - Monday, June 14, 2010 - link

    A good honest review, fair play to Anandtech.

    I bought the ferrari one based on earlier reviews claiming good battery life and superior performance relative to otjher notebooks, it was a close call with the HP min311 but based on reviews the ferrari edged it.

    What to say?

    Battery life is very poor even when browsing on lowest brightness / power settings.
    Touchpad is too small and muti touch is difficult to pull off reliably.
    Lack of XGP graphic booster.
    It runs VERY hot.
    Takes about a week to charge when on, literally.
    onboard speakers are copmparablre to other netbooks - ie pretty dire.

    Red lid is quite nice, personal choice I know.
    Screen is better than any other notebook i've used (mini311 etc) and resolution means you can have two windows opened useably.
    Basic tasks (browsing / Office) feel quite snappy.
    Will just run BFH at min settings playably........just.
    Keyboard is relativley good.
    Win 7.
    Will OC (gfx and cpu) for minimal performance gains on mains power.

    Would I buy it again? Should you buy it? The answer is yes and no. I paid £300 for mine a few months ago at then at that price I would buy again even in hindsight. If I were to buy one today I wouldn't pay more than £250 for it, considering it's limitations.
  • paihuaizhe - Sunday, June 20, 2010 - link

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  • xXxVladxXx - Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - link

    And give off the vibe that they are a pompous prick. Seriously people bash the Mac line, but this takes the cake and all of the fancy lady drinks with it. I'm sure Enzo Ferrari is rolling in his grave because of all of these manufactures putting his beloved legacy on said products. I remember hearing that there was a Ferrari branded shoe, which I'm sure cost more than this computer.
  • CrankUpThePowerIgor - Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - link

    Sounds like the graphics clock is low to help battery life, so anyone gaming on this machine overclocks the IGP. Can we have some overclocked game results please, I think it could totally change the feel of the article.

    After all, who want a de-tuned Ferrari eh? ;)
  • Hrel - Thursday, June 24, 2010 - link

    If someone could do a review on the laptop that I currently suspect is the best "bang for your buck" out there. It's made by compal, and available on who's machines you've reviewed before. If you'd like it configured like I did, which I think is the best bang for buck, do this: Go to the website. mouse over 15.6" Laptops and click on the $999 Xplorer X6-8500. It has a 1080p screen. (I'm not sure why the people who run this site do this, but even though the other configurations use the same chassis when personalized they come out to cost more than this one; annoying since it makes me configure all 3 or 4 machines built on the same base chassis to figure out which one is cheapest/best for me.) Then I configured it with the Core i7-620M CPU. (to get it over 1K so I can take advantage of the 5% off.) 4GB 0DDR3-1333, hopefully 7-7-7-21, probably not, but hopefully. ATI MR HD5650 1GB GDDR3 320GB 7200rpm HDD (I did this cause I'm gonna take that HDD out and use the Seagate Momentus XT 500GB, thanks for that review!!) Everything else on that page I left untouched. The only thing I did on page 2 was switch to Intel wifi with bluetooth; Though I'm curious if the MSI option is equal/better; 17 bucks isn't nothing. It has HDMI out and a fingerprint reader. This page says 3 USB ports, the specs sheet says 4USB ports; not sure which is true. (I do wish they were USB 3.0 ports, but I was hoping you guys would test some stuff and tell me if that even matters for use with an external hard drive, mechanical disk 7200rpm. Transferring large files like movies and games mostly.) On page 3 I select "none, format only" for the OS. And select "LCD perfect assurance" cause even 1 dead pixel is unacceptable to me. This brings the total to $1008.90 after 5% off, or $992.75 if you get the MSI network card. So yeah, I really hope you guys can get a hold of one of these for review; as a loner or given as a review unit or maybe someone will just buy one and review it cause it's really tempting me right now... like a lot! If you're review is good I'm gonna start saving up and hopefully be able to buy it around Christmas. Thanks guys! A loyal reader. - Brian

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