Wrapping up Computex 2018 with discussions about AMD's Threadripper 2 with 32 cores, Intel's new limited edition Core i7-8086K, and that really odd 28-core 5 GHz demo where Intel forgot to mention it was overclocked. Also some discussion on the best of the rest of the show, including G.Skill's Royal memory, gaming smartphones, ASUS' dual screen technologies, Intel's QLC NAND, and hardware for miners.

The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 48


Ian Cutress, Host
Senior Editor
Anton Shilov
News Editor

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Total Time:  1 hour 42 minutes 37 seconds

Outline mm:ss

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Defining Extreme Workstation Processors (Intel and AMD)
02:53 AMD's Threadripper 2 announcement
10:51 Intel 28 core CPU at 5 GHz (overclocked)
33:24 Intel Core i7-8086K processor (Intel's first 5 GHz CPU)
41:59 Alva Jonathan (JagatReview) hits 7.2 GHz with LN2 on i7-8086K CPU
46:26 ASUS ROG Gaming Smartphone announced
52:13 G.Skill showcase Royal DDR4 memory
53:58 Tyan announce Ryzen with BMC
55:22 ASUS TUF Alliance going to be everywhere soon
58:14 ASUS Precog with dual screen prototype revealed and new Zenbook Pro
63:34 Intel 3D QLC and Micron 96-layer flash memory
67:10 UFS card readers: SMI, JMicron with finished designs out later in 2018
70:00 Realtek RTS 5762 SSD Controller, 3.5 Gbps read, 3 Gbps write
72:55 Plextor Quad SSD system featuring a Marvell PCIe switch
76:33 Seagate reveal Barracuda Pro 14 TB hard drive
78:32 802.11ax routers displayed from ASUS
80:05 Computex RGB focus over last few years
81:37 In Win Crown fans with rotating sub frame
83:09 Lian Li Strimer RGB PSU cable
88:06 Enermax $70 case with four RGB fans
89:18 3000 W PSUs from Afox and Qdion
96:52 Liquid-cooled mining systems, support for 16 cards per 4U rack
102:38 FIN

Edited by Gavin Bonshor

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