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Wireless storage peripherals have traditionally targeted users of mobile devices (where internal storage space is at a premium). As multimedia capture devices (both consumer and professional) become more connected, it makes sense for these storage peripherals to evolve and cater to a professional audience with premium features. Today, Western Digital is launching a suite of Pro products targeting the professional image/video capture market. This includes the My Passport Wireless Pro portable Wi-Fi hard drive, a follow-on to the My Passport Wireless introduced in late 2014. Read on for our thoughts on the specifications and a look at the real-world performance of the product.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Review

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have taken off in a big way. However, internal storage has remained at a premium. Over the last few years, many companies...

23 by Ganesh T S on 12/3/2014

Western Digital Launches My Passport Wireless Mobile Storage Lineup

The popularity of the mobile device market (smartphones and tablets) has opened up an allied opportunity for companies - augmenting the limited storage available in those devices with portable...

6 by Ganesh T S on 9/3/2014

Corsair Announces Voyager Air 2 Wireless Drive

If you need access to tons of movies, music, etc. on your iOS or Android device – or perhaps a PC or Mac as well – Corsair’s latest Voyager...

1 by Jarred Walton on 6/2/2014

ADATA’s WiFi Router/Hotspot/Charger

This was something of a unique product, though perhaps not extremely useful. There are plenty of wireless routers, hotspots, and USB charging devices out there, but ADATA is combining...

4 by Jarred Walton on 1/11/2013

Patriot’s Portable Cloud Storage and Media Streamers

Patriot also has some portable storage solutions and media players on display. Their concept of the portable cloud storage is basically an external USB 3.0 + WiFi enabled HDD/SSD...

1 by Jarred Walton on 1/10/2012

Understanding Wireless Storage: Kingston Wi-Drive and Seagate GoFlex Satellite

Let me pose a hypothetical situation: say you bought an iPhone or iPad, but cheaped out and got a 16GB model. You’ve got around 10GB worth of music, a...

32 by Vivek Gowri on 11/21/2011

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