Smart Glasses

Toshiba this month started selling its first wearable AR smart glasses designed for business and industrial applications. The Toshiba dynaEdge AR is a highly-integrated solution comprising of a head mounted display, a PC module, and software that are designed to work in concert offering out-of-box functionality and supporting custom applications. From some points of view, Toshiba’s dynaEdge AR is a realization of Microsoft’s HoloLens concept. Toshiba’s dynaEdge AR smart glasses solution consists of two key pieces — the Toshiba AR100 HMD and the Toshiba dynaEdge DE-100 miniature PC interconnected using a USB Type-C cable. The HMD is outfitted with a small 0.26-inch screen featuring a 640×360 resolution that can display content with a 1280×720 resolution, a 5 MP camera with a flash, a speaker, two...

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