When Samsung teased the ongoing development of GDDR7 memory last October, the company did not disclose any other technical details of the incoming specification. But Cadence recently introduced the industry's first verification solution for GDDR7 memory, and in the process has revealed a fair bit of additional details about the technology. As it turns out, GDDR7 memory will use PAM3 as well as NRZ signaling and will support a number of other features, with a goal of hitting data rates as high as 36 Gbps per pin. A Short GDDR History Lesson At a high level, the evolution of GDDR memory in the recent years has been rather straightforward: newer memory iterations boosted signaling rates, increased burst sizes to keep up with those signaling rates, and...

Intel Executive Posts Thunderbolt 5 Photo then Deletes It: 80 Gbps and PAM-3

An executive visiting various research divisions across the globe isn’t necessarily new, but with a focus on social media driving named individuals at each company to keep their followers...

82 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/1/2021

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