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Two months ago, we wrote about a new online storage provider called Backify. Backify got our attention because of their magnificent offer: 512GB of "totally free" online storage. I had to use quotes because Backify has now revealed their real business plan, and it's no longer free. From now on, the 512GB plan costs $1.50 a month. All free accounts will be closed on November 22nd, unless you are willing to pay the $1.50 monthly fee. (Prices pulled due to fraud concerns) While their new prices are still good, I have to say I'm anything but pleased with their service. I tried to sign up for their free plan several times with multiple email accounts, and every time I faced some kind of an error...

Backify: Up to 512GB of Free Online Storage

Backify is a new company which offers a series of different online storage services. What makes Backify interesting when compared with other similar companies is the fact that they...

35 by Kristian Vättö on 10/14/2011

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