In US military terminolgy, the MOAB is the Mother of All Bombs – the world’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb. Now, ZADAK is building its own MOAB (of sorts), in the form of a premium compact water-cooled PC that they are calling the MOAB. A division of Apacer, ZADAK received a worldwide recognition last year after it released 32 GB dual-rank memory modules for ASUS Z390-based desktops. However ZADAK doesn't just do memory; the group actually has their fingers in a couple other businesses as well, particularly enthusiast-class PCs sold in Asia. So at this year's Computex, ZADAK demonstrated its previously-announced MOAB, a compact desktop that the company calls "the world’s first portable water-cooled PC". ZADAK’s MOAB and MOAB II can be based on almost any Mini-ITX...

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