This year at CES, one of the interesting things at the Kingston suite was a demonstration of its new enterprise-grade DCU1000 SSDs. The current U.2 drives use four consumer-grade KC1000 M.2 SSDs behind a PCIe switch to offer up to 3.2 TB of useful capacity as well as a massive aggregated random read/write performance. The capacity of the overall drive at this point is limited to the M.2 drives being used. The Kingston DCU1000 is a U.2 backplane internally, with four M.2 slots, integrated power loss protection, and the Avago ExpressLane PEX 8725 24-lane 10-port PCIe switch. The switch enables four M.2 drives to be used over a single U.2/SFF-8639 interface (PCIe 3.0 x4) and supports hot plugging. Kingston uses four KC1000 SSDs with custom...

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