It took the semiconductor industry over a decade to prep everything needed for production of chips using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. It looks like it is going to take a lot less to reach the next level — EUV with High-NA. Higher Resolution Needed Nowadays the most advanced chips are made on 5/4-nm-class process using EUV lithography ASML's Twinscan NXE:3400C (and similar) systems that feature a 0.33 numerical aperture (NA) optics, which provides a 13 nm resolution. This resolution is good enough for a single-pattern approach at 7 nm/6 nm nodes with 36 nm ~ 38 nm pitches and at 5nm with 30 nm ~ 32 nm pitches. But as pitches get below 30 nm (at beyond 5 nm nodes) the 13 nm resolution might call...

Intel Opens D1X-Mod3 Fab Expansion; Moves Up Intel 18A Manufacturing to H2’2024

Intel for the last few years has been undergoing a major period of manufacturing expansion for the company. While the more recent announcements of new facilities in Ohio and...

91 by Ryan Smith on 4/11/2022

EUV Wafers Processed and TwinScan Machine Uptime: A Quick Look

One of the interesting elements that came out of some of our discussions at the IEDM conference this year revolve around the present deployment of EUV. Currently only one...

29 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 12/11/2019

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