G.Skill has announced its first RDIMM memory products to the market, their Zeta R5 memory series. Designed for use with Intel's new Sapphire Rapids workstation processors, the Zeta R5 DDR5 RDIMMs are explicitly intended for use with Intel's Xeon W-3400X and W-2400X series processors, with integrated XMP 3.0 profiles and proper out-of-band ECC support (not just on-die ECC memory as with DDR5 UDIMMs). It also marks G.Skill's first time venturing into the workstation memory market, with kits ranging from DDR5-5600 to DDR5-6400. Typically G.Skill focuses on manufacturing high-end memory for desktop platforms. G.Skill's memory ranges, such as the Trident Z5, are a favorite among enthusiasts and overclockers around the globe. While its Trident Z5 modules have been pushed up to DDR5-8888 using Intel's 12th Gen...

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