Cubi 3

MSI has introduced a new family of its ultra-compact form-factor Cubi PCs, based on Kaby Lake-U processors. The Cubi 3 Silent and Cubi 3 Silent S use an entirely new design and do not have any fans. The Cubi 3 Silent is designed for basic SOHO, whereas the Cubi 3 Silent S targets more demanding users in business and commercial environments. MSI started to experiment with UCFF PCs a while ago starting with the original Intel NUC-like Cubi in 2015. Since then the company has released multiple versions and generations of Cubi-branded systems, some of which were are not exactly ultra-compact. The UCFF Cubi computers remained the same for two generations — tiny PC barebones made of plastic based on Intel’s U-series SoCs and featuring...

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