Softened demand for PCs and smartphones coupled with NAND memory bits oversupply has sent prices of 3D NAND memory into a dive in recent quarters. In Q4, global NAND flash revenue dropped staggering 45% year-over-year and 25% quarter-over quarter, according to recent data by TrendForce. And while that dive appears to be leveling off some – TrendForces' analysts forecast that NAND prices declined more modestly in Q1 – it's still bringing NAND to its lowest per-bit costs ever. All of which has meant that SSD prices for end users have been taking a much-welcomed dive, as the core costs of building SSDs continue to decline.

Samsung Discloses First Details About QLC-Based Client & Server SSDs

It is not a secret that Samsung deliberately avoided QLC NAND with its 64-layer V-NAND flash, in the process citing various reasons. With its 96-layer V-NAND however, the company...

16 by Anton Shilov on 7/25/2018

Western Digital Begins to Sample QLC BiCS4: 1.33 Tbit 96-Layer 3D NAND

Western Digital has started sampling its 96-layer 3D NAND chips featuring QLC architecture that stores four bits per cell. The chip happens to be the world’s highest-capacity 3D NAND...

40 by Anton Shilov on 7/20/2018

Micron Non-Volatile Update (Q2'18): 96L 3D NAND in H2, 4th Gen 3D NAND Enroute, Sales of 3D XPoint Disappoint

Micron this week published its financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal 2018 (ended on May 31), which also included an update concerning its non-volatile memory products...

30 by Anton Shilov on 6/22/2018

Marvell Announces New Client NVMe SSD Controllers

Following up from their recent announcement of a new generation of NVMe SSD controllers for enterprise drives, Marvell is announcing a pair of new client/consumer oriented controllers. The new...

1 by Billy Tallis on 6/5/2018

Western Digital: 96-Layer 3D NAND Progressing Well, Shipping to Retail Customers

Western Digital this month said that it had started shipments of its fourth-generation BiCS 3D NAND memory to some of its customers. The company did not disclose details, but...

30 by Anton Shilov on 5/29/2018

Intel And Micron Launch First QLC NAND: Micron 5210 ION Enterprise SATA SSD

Intel and Micron are announcing today that their jointly-developed QLC NAND flash memory is now available, and Micron is now shipping the first solid state drive based on QLC...

38 by Billy Tallis on 5/21/2018

Micron Readies 3D QLC NAND-Based Datacenter SSDs for Nearline Storage

Micron has revealed plans to release datacenter-class SSDs based on 3D QLC NAND memory in an effort to compete in the nearline storage market. Briefly announced at a conference...

29 by Anton Shilov on 2/12/2018

Western Digital Announces Four Bit Per Cell 64-Layer 3D NAND Flash

Western Digital's SanDisk subsidiary and Toshiba have a long history of jointly developing and manufacturing NAND flash memory. While that relationship has been strained by Toshiba's recent financial troubles...

35 by Billy Tallis on 7/25/2017

Toshiba's 768Gb 3D QLC NAND Flash Memory: Matching TLC at 1000 P/E Cycles?

Toshiba last week announced its first 3D NAND flash memory chips featuring QLC (quadruple level cell) BiCS architecture. The new components feature 64 layers and developers of SSDs and...

37 by Anton Shilov on 7/3/2017

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