11:49AM EDT - That's a wrap. Time for some hands on

11:47AM EDT - Looks like we're wrapping up, it's the final summary

11:46AM EDT - test

11:46AM EDT - 4000 people will be invited to take part in a user experience

11:43AM EDT - Another video about users having some time with the phone

11:42AM EDT - G4 coes with QuadBeat 3 headphones

11:42AM EDT - VW drivers can use Mirror Link to display the phone in the car

11:41AM EDT - 15GB+100GB of Google Drive for 2 years

11:41AM EDT - Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are preinstalled

11:40AM EDT - Smart Notice

11:40AM EDT - Gallery seems to do dynamic showing, giving previews of 100s of photos at once

11:40AM EDT - Does a gallery mode on your photos based on time and location, doesn't have to upload to cloud to do so

11:39AM EDT - UX 4.0 Software

11:38AM EDT - Looks like for a teardown, the display lifts out to replace it

11:38AM EDT - Another video

11:37AM EDT - Totals 11% lower power consumption

11:37AM EDT - Sends notices about Apps drawing power when the display is off

11:37AM EDT - smart power saving UX as well

11:37AM EDT - new structure of liquid crystal in the display

11:37AM EDT - Special memory for a display that is showing a still image, allowing the CPU to sleep

11:36AM EDT - embedded In-Cell Touch tech

11:35AM EDT - due to IPS display

11:35AM EDT - more reds than sRGB screens

11:34AM EDT - Talking about DCI color expression standards

11:33AM EDT - Now onto user experience

11:33AM EDT - I keep writing selphie and having to correct my spelling. FF8 players know what I mean

11:33AM EDT - open hand-fist-open hand-fist for four selfies in eight seconds

11:33AM EDT - use a gesture to set a timed photo

11:32AM EDT - Gesture Interval Shot

11:32AM EDT - 8MP

11:32AM EDT - Now talking selfies

11:31AM EDT - Another video, with a professional photographer and the G4

11:29AM EDT - Adjust shutter speed up to 30 seconds

11:28AM EDT - Allows saving in RAW + JPG in the same shot

11:28AM EDT - Similar control to DSLR level, including RAW formats

11:28AM EDT - Simple, Auto and Manual modes in the camera software

11:27AM EDT - adjusts flash temperature and white balance as you take the photo

11:27AM EDT - Reads RGB and IR

11:26AM EDT - reads an objects exact color

11:26AM EDT - 2nd sensor on back is a color spectrum sensor

11:25AM EDT - OIS 2.0 has extended range to 2 degrees in x and y

11:24AM EDT - sensor on G4 is 1/2.6"

11:24AM EDT - i.e. you want a low F stop and a large sensor size

11:23AM EDT - 'To take photographs well, you need to allow as much as light as possible'

11:22AM EDT - 'Understanding the essence of the camera'

11:22AM EDT - launch the camera in 0.6 secs

11:22AM EDT - 276ms for laser focus

11:21AM EDT - 'Moved from megapixels to fast auto focus'

11:21AM EDT - Now on to the camera

11:20AM EDT - video about leather making now

11:20AM EDT - Normal ceramic back if you don't want leather

11:20AM EDT - 'That's what differentiates the G4 most from other smartphones'

11:20AM EDT - Still going on about leather

11:19AM EDT - Images look like they're hand made, they're probably not

11:19AM EDT - Vegetable tanned, full grain leather

11:19AM EDT - Back is leather

11:17AM EDT - removable battery

11:16AM EDT - 'so 20% better durability'

11:16AM EDT - so it's angled on the table

11:16AM EDT - they're not expaining it

11:16AM EDT - 3000R arc, whatever that means

11:15AM EDT - 'Slim Arc;

11:15AM EDT - 'Smartphones have become uniform slabs of metal'

11:14AM EDT - Human Centric UX

11:14AM EDT - Great Visual Experience

11:14AM EDT - Comfortable Elegance

11:14AM EDT - Focus on three key values

11:13AM EDT - Andrew Coughlin, Head of LG UK Mobile

11:13AM EDT - Quick shot, shoot instantly from off screen with the rear button

11:12AM EDT - Gesture Interval shot

11:12AM EDT - 3000 mAh battery

11:11AM EDT - OIS 2.0

11:11AM EDT - 20% wider color range

11:11AM EDT - Another video

11:10AM EDT - 'Collaboration with Qualcomm was deep and unique'

11:09AM EDT - 'superior camera functionality, 4K video capture, Adreno 400 series, Quad HD display'

11:09AM EDT - Cat 6 LTE

11:09AM EDT - That's dual core A57 and quad core A53

11:08AM EDT - Snapdragon 808 and X10 LTE

11:08AM EDT - starring Qualcomm

11:08AM EDT - Another video

11:08AM EDT - "Experience the G4"

11:07AM EDT - LG UX 4.0

11:07AM EDT - IPS Quantum Display

11:07AM EDT - Laser Cam F/1.8

11:07AM EDT - Camera technology is second to none

11:07AM EDT - Camera technology is second to none

11:04AM EDT - Video for the G4 now

11:04AM EDT - "Innovation for a better life"

11:04AM EDT - "The purpose should not be just for technology, we must understand the user and the benefits"

11:03AM EDT - "We develop more professional features for the G4"

11:03AM EDT - "We use our strengths to meet customers requirements"

11:03AM EDT - President of LG Europe, Brian Na

11:02AM EDT - She's a TV/sports presenter

11:02AM EDT - Gaby Logan, presenter on stage

11:01AM EDT - "LG G4"

11:01AM EDT - very colorful

11:00AM EDT - It's starting. A video

10:58AM EDT - We're a couple of minutes away from the official start, in a church in London. We're sitting in pews, but I have a good view

10:57AM EDT - We're in London for LG's launch of the G4. The wifi / my hotspot isn't that good, but the event starts soon. Read as much as we can post!

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  • Teknobug - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Everytime I see "G4" I think of that Apple G4 PC.
  • zodiacfml - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Quantum display is.... Quantum dot?
  • Ian Cutress - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    No, it's still liquid crystal. Quantum because quantum.
  • Peichen - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Yeah, I think the Quantum display is just marketing talk and not actually related to a Quantum dot display.
  • edzieba - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Yes. The Quantum Dots are used to produce a backlight with more widely spaced primaries and with more energu efficientcy (one colour of light ism produced by the backlight illuminator, and the other two (or three, potentially) are produced by that light exiting the Quantum Dots causing them to emit light of the desired wavelength.

    Billing it as a 'Quantum Dot display', is like how LCD TVs with LED backlights are marketed as 'LED TVs'.
  • Peichen - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    We'll see how the camera is. From the "sample photo" comparison, G4 just overexposed and blew out the highlights.
  • coburn_c - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Not up to their previous standards. They must be cost saving in several areas.
  • coburn_c - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    The release event I mean.
  • notorius - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    They probably realized they could get more bang for their buck to make a solid phone that meets 95% of potential buyers needs without having an octo core power guzzling heat monster. Improve the camera, improve the screen, drop power consumption and bam, looks like a solid option to me.
  • thesyberplace - Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - link

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