Word comes from AMD this morning that the private beta for the Mantle developer program has begun. Up until now the Mantle SDK (not to be confused with the drivers) has been in alpha development, with AMD  granting access to only a handful of very close developers (EA/DICE, Nixxes, etc). The commencement of the private beta in turn marks the first time that the Mantle SDK has been made widely available to developers since it was announced at AMD’s 2013 Developer Summit back in November.

At this point AMD tells us that they have 40 developers pre-registered – AMD has been taking registrations for the past six months since the summit – and that they’re still taking additional developers. The beta, though much wider than the earlier alpha, is still a private beta, so developers still need to register with AMD for access. AMD tells us that “There are no objective criteria for being selected, as we are interested in talking to developers of all shapes and sizes. Past development experience is encouraged, however.”

Meanwhile AMD’s Mantle developer portal is up and running. Instructions for joining the developer beta can be found on the page, however all further access is password restricted.

Source: AMD

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  • arbit3r - Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - link

    AMD could easy done it faster since they ONLY have to focus on making it work with THEIR gpu's. MS on the other hand has to make it work accross many diff gpu's and setup's and can't limit it to just 1 thing. It was sad when AMD CLAIMED MS had nothing in the pipe for directX but that was clearly a lie by AMD to sell gpu's as they no way they didn't know MS was working on DX12 if its been in the works for 4 years.
  • grndzro7 - Friday, May 2, 2014 - link

    WOW Someone should have informed AMD and Nvidia that MS was working on DX12 this whole time.
    Meanwhile NV revamped OGL and is pushing it forward into game engines at a breakneck pace
    AMD matched NV in OGL 4.4 support.
    AMD developed Mantle and it is being adopted very quickly.
    AMD commits to fixing their Linux drivers.

    Yup looks like DX 12 development which would have closely involved both AMD and NV has been in the works this whole time........please That whole 4 years is bullshit.
  • formulav8 - Friday, May 2, 2014 - link

    He hates anything that could show NVidia in a bad light and AMD in a good light. I have no idea how people can worship some company.
  • Alexey291 - Saturday, May 3, 2014 - link

    I'm surprised they didn't say 6 years seeing how it took them this long to pull their finger out since last version (iirc 11 came out in 2008?)
  • Wibowit - Thursday, May 1, 2014 - link

    Still, that would be a win for AMD as they have problems with (relatively big) overhead in their drivers. Reducing the overhead either by the use of Mantle or DirectX 12 reduces the gap between Radeons and GeForces in CPU limited games.

    If DirectX 12 will work as good as Mantle on Radeons then it will be even bigger win than Mantle adoption as AMD wouldn't have to promote and support (and thus spend money on) another proprietary standard.
  • Ortanon - Thursday, May 1, 2014 - link

    For a company that's already in such rough battles, it just seems like a waste to spend so much R&D, marketing, and face on something that's just going to be done better by someone else a year later.
  • pidgin - Thursday, May 1, 2014 - link

  • piroroadkill - Thursday, May 1, 2014 - link

    A company that's supplying chips to the Wii U (okay, that's a joke), the Xbox One (sorry, another joke), and the PS4 (OK I suppose).
  • WithoutWeakness - Thursday, May 1, 2014 - link

    So brave
  • grndzro7 - Friday, May 2, 2014 - link

    It would be too late by then. OGL is the future of cross platform compatibility.
    Why would developers hamstring themselves with DX12 when they can use OGL and have every OS supported.

    This many developers jumping on board can only mean AMD plans on bringing Mantle to Linux. Otherwise they would only focus on OGL 4.4.

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