Internal Design and Components

FSP uses a new design and no active clamp this time, but basically this PSU consists of some well known technologies. Two large main caps are more than enough for a 500W PSU and FSP has chosen two nice Panasonic devices; there are some Japanese caps on the secondary side as well. You can see the heatsinks for the VRMs (top right) and even larger ones for the Power Factor pre-regulator. The inlet filtering is extensive but there is no MOV. A PS223 offers the safety functions on the secondary side, including OCP. The voltage pulses of the resonant circuit run nearly sinusoidal and the transistors turn on at zero voltage. Together with the low resistance on the drain-source path the power dissipation is much lower during turn-on, turn-off, and the saturation of those transistors. The overall design definelty looks like a Seasonic X-460FL with different caps and no full line filtering stage on the AC plug.

External Impressions, Cables and Connectors Load Test Results
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