Package Contents, Fan, and Power Rating

The contents of the package are not very generous this time. Besides a relatively short user manual, two different power cords, and some screws, XFX delivered the modular cables without any bag or cable ties. Of course the electronics is much more important, but customers should get more for the high price. Features of the product include the 80 Plus Platinum certificate, a 5-year warranty, the "EasyRail Technology" (single +12V output) and the "SolidLink Technology". The last item is a nearly wireless connection to the modular PCB. In addition XFX says that this PSU is ready for the most pretentious gamer PCs with CrossFire certification, but that's hardly surprising given the wattage and efficiency rating.

According to the label this PSU has a single +12V output rated at 83A, which is quite a lot. Both +3.3V and +5V get fed by this output and are specified at 25A each. Those outputs can provide up to 125W, which is as high as the values we saw from Seasonic and more than sufficient for all modern PCs, though older PCs might need more power here. The +5VSB at 3A is also relatively strong.

The Protechnic MGA13512YF-025 is a good fan with a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB is a kind of long-life version of the sleeve bearing), but we'd like to see Sanyo Denki here. In this case the fan is sharp-edged and more audible than the San Ace one. XFX could get Sanyo Denki without any problems since Seasonic uses them as well. However, this version is still better than the quality Yate Loon or equivalent that other companies use. The fan is the only moving part in a PSU so it's nice to see that XFX chose a FDB.

XFX 1000W Pro Series 80Plus Platinum Appearance and Cable Configuration
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  • mariush - Thursday, March 1, 2012 - link

    Don't you have auto correct in your text editor?

    but we need to find out how good this model acutally is.

    acutally -> actually

    page 2... last paragraph... fan has fluid dynamic), then you use FD bearing at the end, without mentioning the abbreviation before
  • Martin Kaffei - Friday, March 2, 2012 - link

    I'm afraid not!

    But we've corrected all mistakes now. Thanks a lot.
  • MySchizoBuddy - Friday, March 2, 2012 - link

    Can you do a review of the "Be Quiet" series of PSU. They are supposed to be super silent in operation.
  • ExarKun333 - Friday, March 2, 2012 - link

    Not usually one to care about how an internal component looks, but this PSU is god-awful ugly. I would get the Seasonic in a heartbeat if these were side-by-side every time.
  • kenyee - Friday, March 2, 2012 - link

    1000W systems would be hot, loud, and power hungry :-P

    Get me a 600-700W power supply w/ platinum specs and I'll be happy to stuff it in a low power build ;-)
  • B3an - Saturday, March 3, 2012 - link

    I have the XFX Pro 1250W Black Edition, which is very similar to this PSU and looks the same. All i have to say is that it's an excellent PSU, i've nothing bad to say about it at all.

    It's powering a VERY high end socket 2011 system with multiple GPU's, SSD's + HDD's, water cooling, 32GB RAM, and a highly overclocked i7 (4.9GHz) and the PSU remains quiet. Looks sexy too, even the cables are nice and all black.
  • Finally - Saturday, March 3, 2012 - link

    Cool story, bro.
  • aranyagag - Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - link

    and a serperate IC for PFC control on a single sided PCB.

  • mikbe - Sunday, May 27, 2012 - link

    As you said this PSU is made by Seasonic and they reuse their own design so this is almost exactly the same as the Seasonic eponymous version with the differences being the Seasonic has the better San Ace fan, it doesn't look like it was made by the Dharma Initiative, it has a connection from the main PSU board to the back that the XFX doesn't have (no idea what it's for), and the Seasonic is $25 more than this XFX version. Looking at the parts I think the XFX may also use some less expensive components that are spec'd near the same tolerances to shave a few dollars off production costs.

    If you want to save $25 (a good 10% of the cost) and don't mind the inferior, but still OK, fan and possibly some inferior components go for it. I'm not sure the better parts will make a real difference. That said I decided to spend the extra few dollars and went for the "real" Seasonic because I was buying the best and didn't want to skimp.

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