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There are a few extras in the package, which is typical of high-end PSUs. Included are several cable ties, mounting screws, the power cable, and a users manual, plus a couple of cloth bags that can be reused. On the package we can see that the AX750 is EuP-ready (low power loss in standby mode) and is a compact design measuring 160mm including the modular connection panel. Their reviewer's guide suggested we look at efficiency at 50% load, where the AX750 will be at the maximum 90% or greater level, but we'll also look at how it handles lower and higher loads.

Here we have an external impression of the Corsair model. The Case has a black, scratch-resistant surface with a Corsair logo on both sides. It has honeycombed ventilation holes and a small power switch near the AC plug. It's a very well-made product, with our only complaint being that the fan grille protrudes a little.

Corsair uses a single +12V rail that nearly delivers the full rated power. The AX has DC-to-DC for the smaller rails, so +12V feeds +3.3V/+5V and you can't use the whole 62A there. Even so, Corsair wants to supply modern components with plenty of juice, and 744W minus (up to) 125W is still a good rating. As you can see on the label, 100-240VAC and 50-60Hz are no problem for this PSU. The Corsair AX has active PFC, and we've tested the efficiency and PFC on both power grids.

Corsair AX750 Cables and Connectors
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  • Qbah - Friday, December 3, 2010 - link

    And this thing is amazing. The silence is simply incredible! Best PSU there is IMO.
  • akashagarawal3d - Monday, December 20, 2010 - link

    hi! all of u: i want to know that will it support my system:
    amd phenom 2 x4 965 be @4ghz
    6gb ddr3-1600 mhz kingston ram oc
    msi -890fxa-gd70
    benq g2420hd
    xfx hd 6970 2gb gddr5 950/1400
    will it support my sys.
  • DarkUltra - Sunday, January 23, 2011 - link


    I have horrible squealing when I have high FPS in games (game menus especially) or other type of GPU load. I believe it is a combination of my PSU and graphics card. I've tried two cards and two psus. GeForce gtx 285 and gtx 470 both squeal much more with a Mist 650W rev 4.0 than the Mist 650W rev 3.5. The only difference is that the rev 4.0 have one 50A 12V rail while the quieter rev 3.5 have four 20A 12V rails.

    The mists are known to be squealy I heard, but how about the Corsair AX750 80 Plus Gold? Can you try it with a few recent 3d cards? I'm looking for a quiet psu/gpu combo.
  • Nzeman - Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - link

    Thanks for the review, great as always. I will be getting this PSU in my new build for sure.

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