08:40AM EDT - I'm sat, front row

08:41AM EDT - But wifi has basically died, and for whatever reason my EE SIM in my Mate 8 won't even access the webpage to buy data

08:42AM EDT - Hopefully we'll have bandwidth for pictures

08:56AM EDT - 5 minutes to go, and they jsut reset the WiFi in the venue

08:56AM EDT - I was told that Huawei typically invites ~800 media to these events, plus partners

09:04AM EDT - Here we go, intro video

09:04AM EDT - Oh wait, dancers to the stage

09:07AM EDT - All the upbeat techno

09:07AM EDT - All the upbeat techno, and bright white lights. Looks good, but I'm fighting the WiFi here

09:08AM EDT - Richard Yu to the stage, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group

09:08AM EDT - Richard Yu to the stage, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group

09:08AM EDT - Drove to the stage in a Porsche 911

09:08AM EDT - 'What annoys consumers about their phones?'

09:09AM EDT - 'Recharging, battery life, running multiple apps, camera'

09:10AM EDT - 'Pain points: Perf, Battery Life, Camera'

09:11AM EDT - 'Every year, the new OS needs more processing power'

09:11AM EDT - 'Our solution is the Mate'

09:12AM EDT - 'Mate 9 and Mate 9 Porsche'

09:14AM EDT - Partnership video with Porsche

09:14AM EDT - 'precision products through shared passion'

09:15AM EDT - Dr Jan Becker, COO of Porsche Design, arrives in a 911

09:15AM EDT - 'Porsche is heavily invested in smartphone design'

09:16AM EDT - 'Huawei is dynamic and innovative'

09:16AM EDT - 'We need a functional design and smartphone expertise'

09:16AM EDT - 'We have a very demanding target group'

09:16AM EDT - 'Porsche is a premium lifestyle brand'

09:17AM EDT - 'Taking the spirit of Porsche beyond the automobile world'

09:17AM EDT - 'Requires an impressive level of technology innovation'

09:19AM EDT - 'Our Founder was always about design, aesthetics and function'

09:20AM EDT - 'Everything Porsche does is with passion'

09:20AM EDT - 'This is a limited edition device that sets a benchmark in user experience'

09:20AM EDT - 'Born from the desire for our demanding target group'

09:22AM EDT - Richard back to the stage, time for a video

09:22AM EDT - Richard back to the stage

09:22AM EDT - 'beauty in symmetry'

09:23AM EDT - 'maybe visually the thinnest smartphone in the world'

09:23AM EDT - 4000 mAh

09:23AM EDT - curved screen

09:23AM EDT - 5.5-inch 1440p curved display, high contrast ratio

09:23AM EDT - (pictures are uploading, slowly)

09:24AM EDT - smart touch button, finger print unlocking

09:26AM EDT - 3-in-1 finger gesture

09:26AM EDT - 3-in-1 finge gesture

09:27AM EDT - Now Mate 9

09:28AM EDT - 5.9 inch screen, multi-color choice

09:28AM EDT - 96% 'high color gamut' (NTSC), 1500:1

09:28AM EDT - SHorter than iPhone's 5.5-inch even with a bigger display

09:30AM EDT - Space Grey, Moonlight Silver, Mocha Brown, Champagne GOld, Ceramic White, Black

09:31AM EDT - CDMA, 4G, 4.5G, global modem

09:31AM EDT - Strong perf, low power consupmtion

09:31AM EDT - Faster app launch than competitive devices

09:31AM EDT - First Mali G71, +180% perf over 950

09:31AM EDT - Power efficiency +40%

09:32AM EDT - Vulkan support

09:32AM EDT - Global modem, second SIM supports 7 WCDMA + 4 GSM

09:33AM EDT - Support Daydream VR

09:33AM EDT - (Ok, the connection reset and we lost half the pictures it was int he process of uploading)

09:34AM EDT - Mate 9 supports storage defragmentation, F2FS

09:34AM EDT - machine learning algorithms

09:34AM EDT - http://www.anandtech.com/show/10813/huawei-mate-9-launch-and-hands-on-kirin-960-59in-fhd-daydream-vr

09:35AM EDT - http://www.anandtech.com/show/10815/huawei-mate-9-porsche-design-launched-curved-55inch-1440p-kirin-960-6gb256gb-1300-nonus

09:35AM EDT - Here's our news articles

09:35AM EDT - The machine learning is designed to keep the phone fast over time

09:35AM EDT - video time

09:35AM EDT - except the guy in the video just said 'sock' rather than 'ess-oh-see'

09:36AM EDT - 'EMUI learns from users and application behaviour'

09:36AM EDT - 'memory is compressed for low priority apps'

09:36AM EDT - 'apps are configured to three categories'

09:37AM EDT - Huawei saw an 80% improvement when an accelerated usage model is applied to simulate 18 months use

09:38AM EDT - Using s7 edge comparison for a video

09:38AM EDT - 'Born fast, stay fast'

09:39AM EDT - 2-day perf, 4000 mAh, 20 hours 4G

09:39AM EDT - 'Is a large battery enough?'

09:40AM EDT - now talking Huawei SuperCharge

09:40AM EDT - Up to 5V/5A

09:41AM EDT - Phone and charger talks to each other to charge smartly

09:42AM EDT - 50% faster charging than mate 8

09:42AM EDT - 30 min charge, 58%

09:42AM EDT - 'Is cooler than the S7 Edge'

09:43AM EDT - 'No Explosion'

09:43AM EDT - '5-gate protection'

09:43AM EDT - In car charger too

09:45AM EDT - Leica to the stage

09:45AM EDT - P9 and P9 plus sold 8.5+ million units

09:46AM EDT - 'You can achieve more if both partners have the same focus'

09:46AM EDT - 'Leica is providing technology, experience, R&D, sales and marketing'

09:46AM EDT - 'Features have to deliver'

09:46AM EDT - 'Surprise end-users every day'

09:47AM EDT - Both companies are launching a joint R&D center in EU

09:47AM EDT - 'I love the Mate 9 design, I love the display, I love the 2nd Gen Leica camera'

09:48AM EDT - 'A new standard for low light and monochrome photography'

09:48AM EDT - 'Next Gen of Near Pixel'

09:49AM EDT - 'The iconic Leica look'

09:49AM EDT - 'We want to get the Leica look into Huawei smartphones'

09:49AM EDT - 'The most natural and most beautiful image'

09:50AM EDT - 'A very deep collaboration between Leica and Huawei'

09:50AM EDT - 20MP RGB + 12MP B/W

09:50AM EDT - OIS on the RGB sensor

09:51AM EDT - 4-in-1 hybrid focus. Laser, Phase Detection, Depth focus, Contrast focus

09:51AM EDT - 'More accurate depth info'

09:52AM EDT - embedded depth ISP in the SOC

09:52AM EDT - wide aperture effect, bokeh

09:53AM EDT - Refocus with depth info to change bokeh effect

09:53AM EDT - hybrid zoom

09:53AM EDT - '2x optical zoom effect'

09:53AM EDT - it's an optical effect, because it's an effect, and digital

09:55AM EDT - vivid color photography

09:57AM EDT - Night portrait mode

09:58AM EDT - 'Leica look monochrome photography'

09:58AM EDT - 4K video, H.265

09:59AM EDT - 4K video on the screen

10:00AM EDT - EMUI 5.0

10:02AM EDT - new white and blue interface

10:03AM EDT - Personalised themes

10:03AM EDT - '90% actions in 3 steps'

10:03AM EDT - mis-touch prevention

10:04AM EDT - 'prevent misdialling too'

10:04AM EDT - 'dual instant messaging, whatsapp and facebook'

10:05AM EDT - 'Privacy space' - different fingers offer different profiles

10:06AM EDT - 4 microphones for directional audio

10:07AM EDT - other features: knuckle, voice control, business card scan, instant camera shooting

10:09AM EDT - Customized smart covers

10:10AM EDT - one for PD model, one for Mate 9 model, and a Leica color model as well

10:10AM EDT - magnetic car kit

10:11AM EDT - Also launched, Huawei Fit

10:11AM EDT - 6 days, one charge, can take notifications

10:11AM EDT - real-time heartrate monitoring

10:12AM EDT - 50m water resistant

10:12AM EDT - now product video for the event

10:15AM EDT - Now pricing

10:15AM EDT - PD model, 6GB/256GB: 1395 Euro

10:16AM EDT - Mate 9, 4GB/64GB: 699 Euro

10:16AM EDT - Huawei Fit: 199 euro

10:17AM EDT - That's a wrap!



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  • philehidiot - Friday, November 4, 2016 - link

    Just so you know, you got the cameras the wrong way round - it's 12MP RGB and 20MB mono.

    "09:50AM EDT - 20MP RGB + 12MP B/W"

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