08:42AM EST - Full announcement pipeline post following shortly....

08:42AM EST - Thanks everybody! Hopefully it was as exciting for everybody else for my first solo live blog!

08:41AM EST - It's time to wrap things up and get to the hands-on section to have a better look at the G5.

08:41AM EST - The battery is 2800mAh.

08:40AM EST - Specification for the screen are 5.3" 1440p IPS display.

08:40AM EST - Things are wrapping up here.

08:40AM EST - "The LG G5 is the most exciting new phone at MWC"

08:38AM EST - The Friends Manager will take care of all the accessories for the G5.

08:37AM EST - The accessories will have no settings and will require only 3 steps to get going and pair the "Friends" with the G5.

08:36AM EST - It's not clear if this is solely limited to Parrot drones.

08:35AM EST - It allows for controlling and flying of drones with just one hand.

08:35AM EST - It's a smart controller which uses the G5 as a screen.

08:34AM EST - Next up Parrot's spokesperson for the drone accessory.

08:33AM EST - There's an IR transmitter on the bot which will be able to control various devices.

08:33AM EST - It even has a laser!

08:33AM EST - The LG Rolling Bot is connected via WiFi and can be remote-controlled via phone.

08:32AM EST - The LG rolling bot seems to be a knock-off of a certain robot...

08:31AM EST - The G5, thanks to the Snapdragon 820 will also feature the full speed of the X12 modem.

08:31AM EST - G5 uses AptX HD for best quality wireless audio streaming to headsets and speakers.

08:30AM EST - G5 uses AptX HD for best quality wireless audio streaming to headsets and speakers.

08:29AM EST - We'll surely be looking forward to put that claim to test!

08:29AM EST - "Consumers will be able to use their G5 camera and experience DSLR quality."

08:28AM EST - "The Snapdragon 820 has the performance and power efficiency to playback 360° videos and photos."

08:28AM EST - Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf now on stage on the collaboration between LG and Qualcomm.

08:27AM EST - The headset is only 116g heavy.

08:26AM EST - LG's VR headset is promised to be light and be similar to wearing a pair of shades.

08:26AM EST - LG is making fun of existing VR headsets.

08:25AM EST - Virtual Reality is up next.

08:24AM EST - It will integrate with Google Maps.

08:24AM EST - Google will store 360CAM pictures at full resolution for free.

08:24AM EST - Google has been laying the foundation for this for some time.

08:23AM EST - LG cooperates with Google's StreetView.

08:23AM EST - The 360 CAM will be able to record in 16MP.

08:23AM EST - 360 content is promised to be a popular social media medium.

08:22AM EST - It looks to have two wide-angle lenses to achieve the 360 FOV.

08:22AM EST - This is an external camera which seems to connect to the G5.

08:21AM EST - First up comes the 360° camera.

08:21AM EST - Again LG talks about the accessories for the G5.

08:20AM EST - There will also be high-end in-ear headphones available from B&O.

08:19AM EST - The DAC is a 32bit unit with high fidelity sound output.

08:18AM EST - Stefan K Persson from Bang & Olufsen now takes the stage.

08:18AM EST - There's also a zoom wheel.

08:17AM EST - The CAM+ has a dedicated shutter button for both still pictures and video.

08:17AM EST - Among the first addons is also an audio module with B&O DAC.

08:16AM EST - You'll be able to also just use it as a battery pack.

08:16AM EST - The LG CAM+ is an addon with camera controls and an extended battery.

08:15AM EST - We're back to talking about the modular design.

08:14AM EST - The G5 is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 SoC.

08:14AM EST - You'll be able to zoom in and out to switch between the cameras.

08:13AM EST - Comparison between the normal camera and the wide-angle lens.

08:13AM EST - Depending on the lighting it will reduce brightness automatically.

08:12AM EST - The AOD will only take 0.8% battery per hour.

08:12AM EST - A person checks their phone / turns it on on average of 150 times a day.

08:12AM EST - Enabling wider shots and capturing more of the scene.

08:11AM EST - The G5 camera system will have a large field of view - 135°.

08:11AM EST - The G5 will have an always-on-display able to display time at all times.

08:10AM EST - You can slide out a depleted battery with a new one in just a minute.

08:09AM EST - The G5 was designed with practical innovations in mind.

08:09AM EST - Large emphasis on the fullmetal design with removable battery.

08:08AM EST - We're now diving into the design.

08:07AM EST - No it's time to play? ...

08:07AM EST - The G5 will launch simultaneously in key markets.

08:06AM EST - The G5 will be able to have a VR Headset and a 360° camera accessory.

08:06AM EST - The G5 comes with a lot of accessories meant to add value to the phone - the LG Friends

08:05AM EST - The G5 doesn't compromise its removable battery due to the full metal body.

08:05AM EST - He just pulled out the bottom part of the phone.

08:04AM EST - LG calls the G5 a theme-park in your pocket.

08:04AM EST - The G5 has a fullmetal body.

08:04AM EST - Says the best times of the smartphones are still ahead.

08:03AM EST - The ecosystem has calmed down - no more excitement as back then.

08:03AM EST - Talking about the smartphone wars - things started off a few years.

08:02AM EST - Jun Cho, President and CEO of LG taking the stage.

08:01AM EST - Intro with lots of activities playing right now.

08:01AM EST - Party and fun is very much the theme of the event!

08:00AM EST - It's started.

07:59AM EST - 40 seconds to go?

07:59AM EST - This now feels more like a rave than a presentation...

07:57AM EST - I'm definitely curious about the G5's camera performance and what kind of direction LG went with the G5.

07:55AM EST - 5 minutes to go. Music is starting.

07:54AM EST - My hotspot is an S6 - hopefully LG doesn't notice!

07:52AM EST - Still plenty of people coming in late - although I don't see any free seats from my viewpoint.

07:51AM EST - LG launches the G5 early this year - the G4 was released in May last year.

07:49AM EST - 10 minutes to go until the presentation should start.

07:49AM EST - The WiFi officially is useless - switched over to 4G Hotspot

07:34AM EST - I think this might be the first time LG has had such a large venue for a launch - very similar feeling to Samsung's launches.

07:30AM EST - Hopefully the internet here survives the crowd, it's half an hour to the launch but it's already getting full.

07:29AM EST - Hello everybody, Andrei here from LG's G5 launch event in Barcelona!

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  • Lolimaster - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    Want to be innovative?

    Switch to 16:10 2560x1600, properly calibrated screens, 3500Mhz baterry, enough of this "all metal" body who means nothing except gimping the baterry.
  • Sttm - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    16:10 in a phone is a terrible terrible idea. The wider the phone, the worse it fits in the hand.
  • Lolimaster - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    2016 and still a pathetic 32GB as base when quality nand is dirt cheap. For a 400+ Phone I expect no less than 128GB as base.
  • cyberfrost - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    Waiting for Samsung S7 Edge. Hope it has expadable memory and bigger battery
  • doggface - Monday, February 22, 2016 - link

    Alot of haters.. Wow.

    I wonder how long until other manufacturers replicate the battery thingy. Removable battery + alum design seems like best of both worlds.

    But then I don't care and was never going to buy this anyway... Probably like the Apple fanboys that posted before me.
  • Christopherdean016 - Monday, January 16, 2017 - link

    I want to know when exact LG G6 irelease date. Do you guys have any information about the release date?

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